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  1. terror

    hello world

    welcome to the forum enjoy
  2. going to tinker with bike get it ready for april/may and put back on road as wrapped up still at moment new tyres rear hugger and a new seat if funds stretch to it cant wait for the sun
  3. new top slippers 10 crates of guinness and subscription to street fighters mag
  4. terror


    15 muslims have died while training to be sky divers.sources at the bnp schoolof sky diving have said they have no idea why their flippers and snorkels did not open
  5. bernard matthews has died his funeral will be held next week at norfolk crematorium,11am,gas mark 6 for 3 hours
  6. must have had a lighter person on it then hahaha awesome crazy
  7. on passing test any pics of bike
  8. a couple were having sex outside in the garden one night he says god i wish i had a torch she says so do i youve been licking that slug on the grass for the last ten minutes
  9. paddy and murphy was sitting down doing a crossword.Murphy says "how do you spell paint" and paddy replies "what colour" 2 irish men working in a field paddy was digging holes mick was filling them in.After 9 holes a women asks "why are you digging a hole and the other lad filling it in" paddy says"theres usually 3 of us but the lad who plants the trees has phoned in sick today"
  10. paddys wife says "i wants a rape alarm" next morning he covers her mouth,holds her down,f**ks her up the a**e and whispers "its time to get up love..."
  11. thanks for comments on bike
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