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  1. I have had BT unlimited for 3 years & it is fine. Be careful when you first get it you will get a £15 discount on your monthly bill. This lasts for a year they will then start charging you without letting you know. I usually play merry hell with them & they will reinstate it
    without much fuss.

    Overall its pretty good & with 3 machines running on a netwok have never had it fall over apart from the auto reset when the router is doing an upgrade. thumbsthumbs

  2. Word of warning, its crap. Had it in the b6, drained oil after 1809 miles to replace a gasket planning to put it back in and it was all lumpy and broken. I stick to what I've always found good Fuchs super 4, £28 locally. Cheapest I've ever seen it

    Thats alot of miles Chad. I usually do a change every 1K, but I am concerned about what you have described. Could you elaborated on its colour & did it have any particulates in it.

  3. Next thing would be to check if u are getting a spark. Remove all pugs & check them individually by turning the engine over whist the plug is in the cap & resting agains the motor casing.

    NOTE: do not hold the plug & cap while you are doing this you could get a big tikkle.

    What you are looking for is a bright spark from each one. If you dont get a spark then you need to be looking at the coil packs. However, it would be odd if both coils packs have gone & the bike would have started on 2 cylinders allbe it run like poo.

    Another point of call if there is no spark would be a duff rectifier.

    BTW before doing the above you are getting fuel to the engine???
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