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  1. Coin items:
    Icy Fence 250
    Airship Cabin Outside Door 1200
    Japanese Shrine Gate 800
    Wooden Garden Swing 1800
    Carnival Railing 350
    Charcoal BBQ Grill 1250
    Gas BBQ Grill 1600
    Blue Patio Swing Seat 650
    Blue Patio Comfortable Chair 300
    Blue Patio Stool 200
    Blue Patio Umbrella 750
    Shire Growing Tree Decor 600
    Sweetheart Fence 400
    Royal Wedding Divider 100
    Lamp Post with Bins 300

    Cc items:
    Cinderella Glass Slipper Decor 2cc
    Vintage 1920s Red Car 10cc
    Opera House Private Box 6cc
    Grand Ball Invitation 7cc
    Blue Hot Air Balloon Seat 8cc
    Cinderella Castle Grandfather Clock 6cc
    Pirate Ship Helm 3cc
    Brass Computer Unit 4cc
    Red Queen Castle Balcony 7cc
    Opera House Pipe Organ 8cc
    Blue Lagoon Decor 6cc
    Hatching Parrot Egg 6cc
    Fireworks Machine 4cc
    Opera House Chandelier 9cc
    Laser Guarded Giant Diamond 3cc
    White Baby Grand Piano 6cc

  2. Tiddly Winks wrote:
    How is it different than the PS we play on Facebook?

    there are new mini-games and new items, but some items are just different colors to the ones we have on fb

    scgrandma58 wrote:
    I don't have one either but my daughter does. I told her to get it so I can see what it's about. Can you send things to us flunkies who don't have I phones, I pads ect?

    the ipod/ipad whatever ones, you cant send stuff over and vise versa

  3. elfinshadow wrote:
    Mage lvl8 wrote:
    Hi. Here's my wishlist.

    1. Elemental Bouncy thing
    2. Grand Gallery Extra Room
    3. Bouncy Star thing (from Revival Box)
    4. Dog Tail
    5. Little Mohawk Wigs


    I have one wig, Winston! Sent! Smile Chucky doesn't seem to like wearing it, lol.

    kasijab wrote:
    sent a few items

    Tromo dwarf 2
    tiddly vintage pet lamp
    magelvl8 bouncy star

    will look through other acc later for some more items x


  4. Tromo3 wrote:
    @Tiddyl Winks Where do you get the floral wooden cat decor?
    @Mage Thanks for the wings, sorry I don't have to gift anything.

    Tiddly Winks wrote:
    Thanks for the happy kitty Winston. Sorry I don't have anything on your list.

    that's okay Smile

  5. Hi. Here's my wishlist.

    1. Elemental Bouncy thing
    2. Grand Gallery Extra Room
    3. Dog Tail
    4. Little Mohawk Wigs


    Thanks to Kasijab for the Bouncy Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks to Elfinshadow for the Mohawk Wig!!!!

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