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  1. when i did my cbt it was sart and 9 fag break 1030 hit the road at 1100 on road till 2 with fag break and a general chat
  2. best way is check the barrel and piston to excess the damage and hoping its no a top end seizure as that would be costly
  3. wen i cant ride i tend to get grumpy as my wife will tell ya lol i normally shop around for things for my bike to get it back on the road or running properly
  4. Can't wait until I get this old Been quoted £218 fully comp (incl legal, helmet, breakdown etc (oh and a pillion)) Mind you, thats with a £500 excess that through bewise lol and mine with no security and in a bad area nd the bike bout a mile away from my house
  5. sure is been quoted 290 with break down cover helmet etc cover all included third party fire nd theft
  6. so far 252 with motorcycle direct third party fire and theft
  7. rang my nearest mot station and said its fine
  8. so its coming up to mot time would my bike pass even tho it has one mirror?
  9. if i was in the force all bikes will have a prob free riding lol
  10. ouch hope you get your knee sorted and back on bike
  11. hi and welcome to the forum
  12. im starting to realise that anything is possible with this bike...the head shoulf be ok just had a new gasket on it im thinking piston and rings are next on the list yh there rings may be gumed up
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