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  1. s7orz


    welcome I'm just back to two wheels too after four years away, good to be back I know!!! Take it easy
  2. Cheers... It's a Devil Stubby... Sounds fantastic!!!
  3. Sounds nice, candy red and white wheels will be a real head turner!!!
  4. Cheers!! As for the wheels, my secret's solvent PVC cleaner!!! Bring's them up sparkiling! Only use in moderation though and wash straight off and don't use on damaged paint work - It's working so far!
  5. OOOOhhhhh..... Looks good!!! Checking my shifts and I'm off the 2nd and 3rd , (Back to work the 4th ) Will run it past my wife and may take our first camping trip!!! Will keep you posted and let you know if I'm going to make it!
  6. I got sent this in an email the other day and thought it'd be well worth sharing for all of us who've fallen victim to thieves:
  7. I think I've figured out how to upload pic's, so this is the first test.... This is my Gixer 600, my pride and joy and my wifes Nemesis!!! It's as fantastic in real life as it is in the pics.... My first Suzuki after two Honda's and a Yamaha and got to say, it doesn't disapoint!
  8. - Looks great, I'd love to do something like that... You'll get so much staisfaction when it's done...
  9. s7orz

    Hello All...

    Thanks to all. It's great being back on two wheels, hopefully get to some meets and on some runs soon ans hopefully meet some of you!! Take it easy
  10. s7orz

    Hello All...

    Cheers Dick, Was from South end, live slightly north of the border now, but Carlisle still my home... LOL
  11. s7orz

    Hello All...

    It's great pal, missed two wheels, but thats it, back for good!
  12. s7orz

    Hello All...

    Thanks Stu, I'm loving it!!!
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