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  1. can i come? iam on the kent borders. not on the gamma off course picked my self up a bandit to run about on for now a few months ago
  2. awesome let me now how much when ya find out
  3. wot year cbr? i got a 05 carb mod, and got green white and blue going into the main lamps. blue-high beam white-low beam green-earth pilot lamp if running one, green and brown,
  4. tbh ive run stock tyres and 110/80s and 90s and can still dash it about just as gd, also a cbr i ride now and then a 05 shape
  5. 395 cant mone there!!, i got a 05 shape as a little run about one thing it is gd on is fuel i couldn't belive how long it lasted compared to the zzr or even the gamma, pics uploaded yet?
  6. cheers ppl it will get there in the end lol
  7. awesome! since i have put bigger wheels on my gamma and soon a rgv250 gas rear shock to jack it up more i am having the same issue... just with the wheels on the stands a tad 2 short and has the lean factor to it lol
  8. cheers yer the look even better in person and i was thinking about doing them white....:P
  9. ok so bit off a update.... well today i got off my ass and changed the wheels for lighter 5 spoke 18 inch rims (instead off 18 rear 16 front the gammas stock rims...) not that it needs 2 be any lighter the hole bike fully faired and stock is only 96kg looool! fun in full power mode like mine:) any way got them all on and fitted after knocking up some spacers and lining every think up... also put some slightly taller forks on that feel much better! and a hole lot more to add on tommorow after modded to fit!!!!
  10. i dont think it will work surly the money has to be put in a computer for it to cash it?? i got 3 points once for speeding a few years ago 34 mph and my lic come back with points in blue pen....
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