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  1. can i come? iam on the kent borders. not on the gamma off course picked my self up a bandit to run about on for now a few months ago
  2. awesome let me now how much when ya find out
  3. wot year cbr? i got a 05 carb mod, and got green white and blue going into the main lamps. blue-high beam white-low beam green-earth pilot lamp if running one, green and brown,
  4. tbh ive run stock tyres and 110/80s and 90s and can still dash it about just as gd, also a cbr i ride now and then a 05 shape
  5. 395 cant mone there!!, i got a 05 shape as a little run about one thing it is gd on is fuel i couldn't belive how long it lasted compared to the zzr or even the gamma, pics uploaded yet?
  6. cheers ppl it will get there in the end lol
  7. awesome! since i have put bigger wheels on my gamma and soon a rgv250 gas rear shock to jack it up more i am having the same issue... just with the wheels on the stands a tad 2 short and has the lean factor to it lol
  8. cheers yer the look even better in person and i was thinking about doing them white....:P
  9. ok so bit off a update.... well today i got off my ass and changed the wheels for lighter 5 spoke 18 inch rims (instead off 18 rear 16 front the gammas stock rims...) not that it needs 2 be any lighter the hole bike fully faired and stock is only 96kg looool! fun in full power mode like mine:) any way got them all on and fitted after knocking up some spacers and lining every think up... also put some slightly taller forks on that feel much better! and a hole lot more to add on tommorow after modded to fit!!!!
  10. i dont think it will work surly the money has to be put in a computer for it to cash it?? i got 3 points once for speeding a few years ago 34 mph and my lic come back with points in blue pen....
  11. looks nice in red and the bluey... i think the rossi stickers make it stand out better, if you remove them remember your gonna have 25 mph less top end PMFSL!
  12. wot pipe is that you have on it in the video? all-speeds?
  13. cheers i need to get my seat recovered were i have lobbed it down..... new front mud guard and front rider pegs, (think i will go for the after market metal one's) i am gonna grab a fighter style head light at some point but for now i have a normal round one on it.... and i tidied the wiring up today with heat shrink, i got her running today just had to fit a new plug clean the carb and fresh fuel as well as cleaning the power valve, as well as my other mods listed below, phbh28 carb(of a rs) jetting for the K and N pod filter, cf reeds, micron power pipe, all restrictions removed (did that years ago;) vt250f rear panel, gsx250 clutch lever unit, vt250 front master cylinder, steel front brake line, after market twin cat eye rear light and indicators, and so on........ http://s61.photobucket.com/albums/h69/biker_dan/?action=view&current=Picture001-1.mp4
  14. OK so for some time now i have been playing with my grinder and so on:D nothing new really i am always chopping something off the bike's been sitting for about a year now doing nothing except homing spiders etc, so i thought id actually do something with it, p.s not finished yet.....
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