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  1. Dave ,nip down to Stratstone's in leicester they got some beuts ,new and used
  2. As a follow up to my last thread about the demo rides, i thought i'd pass on a bit more info, info that can help our cause for those that are interested, here goes... MAG member Jon Strong has had success in his highly detailed challenge to some of the EU Commission's most lazy assertions about what's good for you and me as riders. Now we can do something very simple that will help Jon press his case and shine a spotlight on the Commission's attempts to steam-roller further restrictions on bike design, modification and use. The European Ombudsman ( responsible for checking whether the EU is playing the game fairly ) recently found that the European Commission unjustifiably refused to answer Jon's queries or to supply official documents relating to a range of issues that will have a big impact on biking, eg; the changes to EU Type Approval, the potential for a Europe -wide super MOT test and development of safety technologies that could threaten biking as we know it. Jon has also asked to be shown the evidence in favour of EU proposals for random/ regular roadside inspections of motorcycles and for the Commission to show whether it has properly considered the liberty issues. ACTION All that is needed to show the authorities that there is genuine public concern about this, is for enough people reading this or hearing about it via us guys to contact the Ombudsman asking for copies of Jon's original complaint and the supporting documents. That will make sure the complaint wont get buried. GO HERE ; Ombudsman.europa.eu/shortcuts/contacts.faces QUOTE Ref ; 0875/2011/jf in your request, just asking for it will send the right message. The reason we need to do this are that the Ombudsman isn't totally convinced or supportive of Jon's efforts in trying to hold the Commission to account, he just needs some support from more members of the public i.e US!! So please carry out the simple email, re-post onto other forums you may be members on, this is the nitty gritty behind the scenes stuff that we dont see much of, the real campaigning by the likes of MAG etc, intelligent gentlemen who also happen to be bikers, taking the fight to the EU and picking loop holes with their oppresive ways. This is a copy of the e-mail i sent to the commission. Hello, Can you please send me a copy of Mr Jon Strong's original complaint with all associated documentation, Ref 0875/2011/jf regarding the European Commission's proposals for the use of motorcycles. Regards Cheers
  3. Just a quick question to all you boys and girls out there.just washed my textile riding gear for the first time(and yes Rose i did follow the washing instructions ).can any one recomend product to re waterproof them?
  4. Hello and welcome to a fellow newbie from Leicester.
  5. datatool digi indicator do a conversion for a cable tacho,aparently it runs on magnets on the brake disks but be warned it it a bloddy nightmare to set up as you have to programme the thing and to do that you have to earth the wire whilst rideing in every gear. i gave up the idea on my triumph t595
  6. Hello,Newbie to the forum from Leicester,my steed is a 2009 Triumph Tiger 1050.Intrests are classic raceing and road race marshalling including MGP and WSB.
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