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  1. I'll have to keep an eye out for this run and maybe meet you guys there. Makes a good little run out for me from here. Sometimes pop over there in the evening - lovely roads and a pleasant round trip. Handy little cafe/chippy by the bikers car park in the gorge too. http://goo.gl/maps/80N6v
  2. We had a b king rider on our last ride out. We take things slow to see where we have been and enjoy it. Not to blast round. With respect you have a B King rider running this forum. Careful who you tar with the same brush. Most of the B King Forum enjoy the scenery as much as the next man. Whatever the bike there will always be some who want to race and some who want to trundle. Its very difficult to please all the people all the time. I suggested you look at the route we are proposing, not set a lap time for it. If you really don't want my input on this forum then by all means be up front and say so. I have organised and run a number of runouts for bikers, and I am sure that if you ask Dave Hutch or any others who have been along with me, they will say that the pace has been enjoyable not excessive.
  3. The B King Forum are running a Southern Softies runout at the end of August. You would need to go to http://www.suzukib-king.org/forum to see the details, but it could help to give you an idea of the sort of runs we do down here.
  4. I really hope someone takes you up on that then!! Good Luck!!
  5. Well Dave it looks as thought you are going to have to set up a voting system somehow, bit like on the B King Forum, to determine how many favour going where, and at the same time will it be camping or B&B or pub/hotel Haven't got a clue how to do that so back to you mate - sorry!!
  6. Enthusiastic bunch of buggers aren't they! How many do you normally get along on these do's then Dave? Is it always the same ones? Bit like the B King do's? Brian has organised a cracking do for the B Kings in Devon and as he says there are some lovely roads there, albeit a long way to go to get there for some. Last do we had some from Scotland who took 2 days to get there and back - and still had a great time. Lets hope some of the forum get off their butts and get involved!
  7. I have toured abroad before, 3000 miles in 2 weeks. Ferry to Santander, follow mountains across Spain into France, round through Monte Carlo to Italy up through the lakes into Switzerland, back into Italy then over French Alps and across France back to Santander in Spain for ferry home. Absolutely brilliant and would love to do it again. Also did a shorter one with the wife (in a Mazda MX5 - she won't go on the bike!) through Eurotunnel then around France for 10 days. Great fun again No need to book hotels at the places we stopped, although it can make life easier, and they are not expensive - saves carrying a tent, plus the bar is just downstairs!! Rules in France have changed now, you need to take 2 breathalysers, Hi Viz gear etc as well as bulb kits, warning triangles etc etc, so it all becomes a bit of a wind up for a weekend away. Fine for a tour but not sure a short break for some of the group would be viable. Anyway - up to you guys!
  8. Well I have no problem helping to organise a run in the New Forest - since I live here! We have lots of lovely roads - and I thought speed limits were only advisory for bikers??? Generally 40 on side roads. Campsites a plenty. For those interested in camping visit http://www.campingintheforest.co.uk/england/new-forest I have checked and they don't mind campers with bikes (some places have been fussy in the past!) Brockenhurst is the centre of the forest with best selection of pubs and eateries. Sites nearest are Hollands Wood (walking distance from pubs) Roundhill (Out of village by 2 miles) Nearby are Lyndhurst, Beaulieu (Home of National Motor Museum), Lymington (coastal town very popular with yachties. Ferries to IOW from here) Lots of private sites too. Up to you guys. Personally I won't camp - but happy to join the run out if timing is good. Let me know!
  9. [i]Or come on down South to the New Forest and try the one we did based in Bournemouth. Or if you want to camp (No not you Dave "camping it up!") there are some sites in the New Forest that welcome bikers. Dave could even bring his caravan to feel right at home!![/i]
  10. Hi Ken - welcome to another forum!!! Kings Rule!!!!!
  11. Dunlop 200's are easy enough to find, and the thread on the B King forum will help you decide that a 190 is better anyway You can always go here: http://www.dunlop.eu/dunlop_euen/mc/ and find your local dealer! If you were nearer to me it wouldn't be a problem - I know them all!! And the guy I use just gets whatever I ask him in to order.
  12. The one and only - well actually there are three Rizla Kings in the UK as far as I am aware - but mines the best!!!
  13. Having had a couple of new bikes before I have always found that the first set of tyres always seem to wear out faster than any others. If you are happy that the front will last for another rear then just match up. I run Dunlop Roadsmarts on my King, with a 190 rear (supposed to help handling a bit). I always replace both front and rear together as I can't be assed to keep going back! I have used Roadsmarts on both the King and my last bike a Bandit 1250. On the King the last set gave me about 5000 miles. On the Bandit I was getting around 7500 miles from a set. I reckon its worth the little bit extra on price for that kind of lifespan, and they are a triple compound sticky tyre too (yes I do use ALL of the tyre) so they will work well under all conditions and useage.
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