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  1. OMG that has to be the worst bike I have ever seen
  2. Dave go in the corner and say four hail marys...... Serious though tis a cool machine.
  3. Go on the Irish, only problem there is I have three brothers
  4. Thanks for the welcome in my thread, so heres a welcome for you I see you still have the oe exhausts on your bike is that a peronal choice or are the laws very strict down there? Here in Ireland we don't have nct tests(mot) on bikes, but for how ever long more I dont know.
  5. There sure is one of my fav is glengarrif over healys pass and into kerry. THANKS GUYS for all the warm welcomes I take it me and Dave are not the only bkingers here
  6. Ya spot on diablos. needs another rear now again heard good reports about the angels. Wouldnt try metzler again, got 1100miles out of a m4 What kind of tyres are VP2??
  7. Well Dave, well wear with the King, I have my one just over two years and love it, alot of mods done for power gain but the down side is she ates rear tyres( 4 rear tyres in 6thousand miles or so!!!!) If your bike has dunlop qualifiers be very carefull on cold/damp roads as they are a bitch to heat up. On pirelli at the mo and the best millage i got was 1800miles now while I am fond of twisties and the trottle i dont do burnouts or any thing like that. Also check your speedo out as they are way off the mark. Any way best of luck with her and i love the colors
  8. Hi guys, stumbled across this site on a b-king forum. Well as ye guess by the title I'm here in the Rep Of Ireland, North Cork to be precise. Now as for my bike it's a Suzuki GSX1300bk(B-king) I have a few bits done to it as in De-cated, k+n filter gearing changed to 17/45. Clear Clutch cover thats not worth a wank with our climate, keeps creaming up. Titax short leavers, Prower Bronze carbon front mud gaurd, under tray, GP race cans off a K8 gixxer 1000 exup valve removed. Had on a Dyno earlier this year & was well pleased as it put out 184bhp at the rear where as std is 151bhp. Any way hello to every one
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