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  1. I need a new one for my Speed Triple,probably go with an Abba stand.Great reports from other users
  2. Happy Birthday 50 hurts I am still depressed 2 years later
  3. Thanks very much guys Out on the bike in a bit.Get some miles on for the first service
  4. I just couldn't spend that kind of money on a toy I can,and did I wish I could mate, £4-5000 is about my limit Must admit.Did get a bit carried away on the last purchase but stayed away from the accessories catalogue.My spending must stop.I think the Wife might of said something along those lines
  5. I just couldn't spend that kind of money on a toy I can,and did
  6. I like it.But that sort of bike likes to be dirty and do lots of touring.I couldn't spend that sort of money then take it out in the wet
  7. I got some Oxford Product ones for my biketech stand
  8. 500 on the Drz ealier in the year.3000 on the Street,2000 on the Scrambler all now sold.currently 500 on the Fazer and 400 on the Speed.Should get close to 7000 or even 8000 by the years end if the weather stays right
  9. I think Yellow was one of the standard colours.Remember when they came out what an ugly bike along with the CD175. Thanks for the memories
  10. The lights are one of the reasons I bought it.Had the Street with the old lights but as soon as I saw the new one it was a must have. My Brother was actually amazed by the look of the front and commented that it was one of the best looking bikes he had seen
  11. Was talking to Dave a few weeks back when he visited sunny Oxfordshire.Much to the annoyance of our other halves spoke about bikes all night and what we would get next Didn't realise it would be so soon Gotta fit a 1st service in now between the wet bits
  12. Good little starter car.My wife has had one for the last 11 years,83000 miles now.She bought a Mini cooper a couple of months back but kept the Ka for my daughter who passed her test 3 weeks ago
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