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  1. Mine was updated to 10 today---seems fine---like it so far,-- better than 8.1 for sure..
  2. Yeah---- looks ok.----- but won't be at the head of a queue for one
  3. goferit


    prob' getting courage up to go out grooming our young girls. . 'stids
  4. I know exactly what you mean the stupid ker Very tempting, !!!! but with camera evidence, and that nice lady as witness, hitting him would weaken the riders case . I doubt the driver will keep his license / job ?.. At least he shouldn't . !! He shouldn't be on the road---like 1000s of others nts like him.. Glad the rider was quick to escape injury p.s. Good reason to get a bike-cam --eh, folks ?.
  5. goferit

    New Lid

    Yep !! fully agree with you on that--- It occurred to me that landing on the chin part would more than likely bust it clean off ?? Yet a lot of folk are wearing them I've noticed.. Was hoping to hear something positive, 'bout them-- Hmmmmm may be a non starter
  6. goferit

    New Lid

    That's a good looking lid, I have a full faced Shark, but I'm on the verge of getting a flip-up for the next lid---- I quite like the HJC,, or Shark does a nice one too. have any-one got a flip- ? or any opinions on such?? Thanks.
  7. [quote="Chadatious"]immigrants OVERLOAD
  8. Aint we all bin late fer summet and floored it ??? Nahhhhh !! NOT us !!
  9. This is the season that brings out the super *****... check out this nobber.. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/84615175/
  10. Can't stand the bloke!! He rather talk about himself, than any other subject---- Motor mouth!!!! may be a better title for the new show
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