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  1. lol i wont bodged it - hehehe - might make some heat sinks for them tomorw tho - crackof dawn down to maplins - oh and chad remind me to bolt my dash back on in the morning - made a bracket up for that clock
  2. sweet and how would i wire that in - just on the front indicators and bridges the poistive and negitive on each indicator - or something dirfrannt
  3. Me and the resident nutter today got a great deal from Hein Gerick on LED indicators but obviuly they flash like there no tomrow. Now me being me ( CHEEP ) dosent want to buy the proper resistors to wire them in but i want to bodge my own. so anyone know what Omh resitor i need to buy from Maplins tomorow to make them flash at the right rate and alos a quick guid on wireing them in. there 1w indicators on a 23w relay. Cheers
  4. Right im confused about the legality of end cans and the like - some say it has to have a E mark and a BSAU stamp but the MOT book thingy mabob where all the MOT testers read from sais this - A silencer that is in such a condition or is of such a type that the noise emitted is clearly in excess of that which would be produced by a similar machine fitted with a standard silencer in average condition. B. A silencer marked ‘NOT FOR ROAD USE’, ‘TRACK USE ONLY’ or similar words. So there is no mention of E marks or BSAU stamps - i need to know the writen law cos i dont want to be on a bike and be scared by the cops everytime i see them - im looking at getting a dan moto for my hornet and then getting an egravers to engrave a E stamp on to it if i have to LOL
  5. im back guys - the XJ600 has blown up and sold it now and hopefully picking up my lovely hornet tomorrow - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Honda-CB600-HORNET-Pack-10-/200780138343?pt=UK_Motorcycles&hash=item2ebf6dc767. so will be on that for the southen meet up - looking forwoed to meeting some of ya
  6. Im after a cheep tank bag that is magnetic - anyone got one for sale - CHEEEEEEP as chips tho - havent got a lot of cash atm. Cheers
  7. Il let your mum check me over any day - glad your ok - but if you ever want to get out on a bike - ether use my 125 or you can come on the back m8 Your mums the milf mate, and no I didn't fall bike stood up in his ring LOL - and glad to hear it - is the tank ok after all that work you put in to it
  8. Il let your mum check me over any day - glad your ok - but if you ever want to get out on a bike - ether use my 125 or you can come on the back m8
  9. after reading every post on this topic - im am well up for it -
  10. Wheres the cheapest place to get plates made up - online or shops in kent. Cheers
  11. will have to get a new bleed nipple first m8 - and ya give it ago m8 if ya want when i get one
  12. Hmmm - thats what im worried about - might just leave it for the time and look around for another one grrr
  13. woooo - juts found out that the rear calliper on my Xj should have 2 bleed nipples - but the top one has been broken off - how would i get that out and replace it or would it be best just to leave it and not worry
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