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  1. StevieH

    Hi Everyone.!!

    It really is a small world Tony That is were I walk my dog around Habberley and up towards Trimpley. I really look forward to meeting you,please keep in touch Tony. I will add you too my friends list. StevieH
  2. StevieH

    Hi Everyone.!!

    Hi Tony We would have a lot to talk about Bud. I live on Franche,Wolverley side of Kidderminster and I remember Enville Common very well It was a crazy place in the 1980's LOL. When you are coming down again PM me and we will arrange to meet up. We all meet at the Quatt Cafe near Bridgnorth,and there is a GREAT bike meet at the Swancote Arms in Bridgnorth every Wednesday and starting Fridays as well,its close too the old Wheel meet,it would be lovely to see you. Take Care Tony and see you soon. Steve PS You were luck to escape from Kidderminster LOL,LOL.
  3. StevieH

    Hi Everyone.!!

    Nice One Thanks for all the welcome messages,this forum is superb and friendly. StevieH
  4. Thanks for all your kind remarks about my bikes. Much appreciated. StevieH
  5. If it dont go and Ive got the spare cash...I may try and ride up and try it for size as I am a large,but it might fit me. I would love it.
  6. That looks SUPERB..!!!!! That bike is a MINTER by the looks of it,everything looks real good on her and the swinging arm is CLASS.!! I had one done for my 600,but it was steel. Credit were it's due Bud,you have a real nice bike. StevieH
  7. Hi All These are superb lids,i have had two of them and still own the Bandit Street which is my pride and joy They are real good quality lids at a good price and that paint job is Wicked.!! I would buy it myself if I had the spare cash,but the missus would probably castrate me LOL.
  8. Hi Everyone. here are a few pic's of my bikes.
  9. StevieH

    Hi Everyone.!!

    Thankyou to everyone for making me feel so welcome StevieH
  10. StevieH

    Hi Everyone.!!

    Hi Everyone Nice to have found a new forum I am a 54 year old biker and own two bikes. Suzuki M800 Intruder. Yamaha ThunderCat 600 Been biking most my life,but had a bit of a break for about 8 years due to health problem's and restarted about 5 years ago. Not the fastest rider in the world,but just enjoy the BUZZ.!! It's great meeting new folk's and I love the way that us bikers stick together and look out for one another. Thanks for having me. StevieH
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