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  1. Hi mike do you still have these. Am I right in thinking the std silencer is 1 pc? Ie link pipe & silencer?
  2. Hi everyone, does anyone know if any other carbs fit on a xvs 650 dragstar? They just don't come up for sale and the ones that do are cack. I'm hoping that virago ones will work. Cheers
  3. I bought one when I bought the speed and it is much much better than my previous arai
  4. For my speed triple, anyone got owt laying around?
  5. Hi everyone, does anyone know how to identify what size chain ( 520/525/530) I currently have on my bike?
  6. I might see you there Dave if I'm not working
  7. So here is the bandits replacement, She now has bar end mirrors and I'm going to put a tail tidy on to get rid of the scaffolding on the back. She is so different to the bandit in every way, just need the weather to ride her
  8. Nice reception chaps. Thanks. I'll put a few pics up in a bit.
  9. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I was last here. I've bought my first home, got rid of the bandit, and the topbox stue11 . Now I have a 2011 speed triple, how are you all?
  10. I've had BT broadband now for 5 yrs, when I had a problem with it a few yrs back they were very heplful and professional in replacing the router which they didn't have to as I was out of contract with them. As for speed and reliability it has been second to none.
  11. I usually just turn the ign. switch off. When I had my T595 the general opinion on T595.net was that using the kill switch on an injected bike could damage the ECU
  12. Hi all, we both had a great day. It was nice riding with you all, its a shame we couldn't take any moving shots. BIG thanks to Dave and Mel for the hospitality. Cheers guys ps. the top box says hi
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