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  1. Those are so cute. I would love to have one. Forum name: Squirrelygirl64 Pet name: Cole Charms: didgeridoo bear, crystal ball, & potion bottles ( i know this isn't the right name. They're 3 bottle together that are yellow, blue, & pink). Can you make the bracelet light blue? I'm sending a f/r too so I can come up with a little gift or something for you. Thanks, Crissie
  2. The next person will get a Unipet perfume bottle. Sending f/r to Ponyboycurtis
  3. Thx. The person below me will get a golden comb
  4. The person below me will get a magic mirror (snow white machine)
  5. Is the gift train still going? I'm confused
  6. Hi Caroline, Do you still have a spooky lava lamp? If so I'd like to get it. Let me know and I'll send over 4x999s. Thx
  7. May I get a candy jar? I will send f/r now. Thx.
  8. Hi Annick, I'd like to get 1 mayor picture. I'm sending over 2x999 now. Thx, Crissie
  9. yes sure Hi Annick, I sent over 6x999s for the pencil set and rainbow.
  10. I'd like to get the pencil set and rainbow sticker for 6x999 if they're still available. Thx, Crissie
  11. I'd like to buy the pencil set. Do you have a pic of the hot water bottle & snowboard? I might want those too. Thx
  12. I have two tree spirits, but I'm not sure what you do with the trees. Does anyone know? You can't put them back in your storage or grab the spirits to put in the storage for later use. Hmm (scratching my head)
  13. Sorry for the confusion. I sent back the girl santa set and I'll wait for the wallpaper in return. I also sent over 15x999s for the boy santa set snd one snowman. **I don't have enough for the tree. Thanks I got the boy santa outfit and snowman, but you forgot to send the festive wallpaper to me when I returned the girl santa outfit which was sent to me by mistake. :dancing:
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