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  1. thank you for praying however, nothing ever changes.
  2. what I want to know is, would these teens still have these feelings if society had NOT built sex up to what it is now?
  3. we know that this is a big thing in America, but what is the source? to believers, it is a BIG PROBLEM. is the youth of America enraptured by a Spirit of Lust OR is it NATURAL youthful desires? the bible mentions "youthful desires" and it also beseeches the believer to FLEE these desires.
  4. I don't see how though, or Why God would allow this.
  5. Job and Joseph: Both appointed to testing and trials and both DELIVERED personally by God Himself. There are no Deliverance Ministries around me, nor do I have the means/money to get anywhere where one actually is.
  6. Unfortunately, God has never indicated that He wanted me to do something like that. It's the same thing with "Christian Self Help Books." I've never had put any stock in them. Although, I don't see the point of experiencing this even ONE MORE SECOND.
  7. no no no, you don't seem to undertand, i CANNOT move out. that's the whole point, i am literally STUCK here. God has NOT provided a way out. i don't have the money, i don't have the means. I have TRIED, TRIED TRIED TRIED oh so many times ON MY OWN HUMAN WILL POWER to get the money, get the means, to NO avail.
  8. i'm about to turn 21 and i still have no life in me, no peace, no joy...ever. allow me to explain through a series of emotional sentences: I STILL live with my parents! My dad STILL tells me what to do regarding EVERYTHING! I've never felt independent or like a man, and as long as this continues, I never will. I STILL have NO FRIENDS(not one or two good people) No, ZERO! <<< 20 years without friends. Food, Drink, Technology, Money....if you have NO FRIENDS...that stuff DOES NOT matter...although, I TRY to FILL THE VOID with food, which since everything else is NOT bad enough...i now have MAJOR health problems due to poor eating. ^^^ This is so hurtful. I have had 6 jobs up to this point, NONE of which lasted a year, only one lasted 7 months but i HATED every god forsaken second of it...only to just get LET GO. Not that I minded that one bit, but as always, I just got LET GO...i'm nothing. Regarding my employment history...I always got either let go or fired, fired because someone was rude to me and my reaction was "Unethical." ^^^ All this SHOULD have caused me to commit suicide 10-15 times over by now, but i have never had the will power. it's VERY painful yet...i'm just SO NUMB, I can't even cry. but it still hurts. why has God closed the doors of freedom and blessing to me?
  9. well i made this thread because I too have a very critical parent. my dad is bar none...THE threat in my life...and yet, God won't let me get away. i've tried moving out, i've been KICKED OUT, all to return back to this **** heap. i don't care how big "our" house is, my dad thinks that's SOO important. he loves money, he hates "Laziness" which he has a skewed view of. he is VERY idealistic. it's abnormal, I AM TOO OLD FOR THIS. this is SERIOUS, alright, i have GREAT STRESS in my body because of him. i have health problems and delayed puberty because of him. we have fought so many times, so much fighting. he stomps around the house, telling me, my sister, and my mother what to do. as I said, i am TOO OLD to be treated this way by my own dad. but he does NOT care. he's the kind of person that is "ALWAYS RIGHT" and everyone else is "ALWAYS WRONG." how can i EVER become a MAN with someone like him in my life? i mean, there is VERY little room for freedom and independence in this house. i have been on and off about this for years now. wondering if it's just me, but NOPE, there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG here. i want to shame him SOOO BAD, but NOTHING short of a DIVINE MIRACLE could help me. i hate this house, i don't care how big it is, i don't care how "nice" the neighborhood is, if i had my own house, it'd be FREE of this garbage that goes on here. my dad has ACTUALLY HAD the AUDACITY to TELL ME that it's WRONG for ME to GET AN APARTMENT! this guy is a psycho, totally controlled by some sinister force. he's not someone you can reason with. i don't really care, i just want this to end, this has been a long standing experience for over 15 years now.
  10. is there anyone here who had critical parents or a critical/abusive parent growing up? at what point were you free from it?
  11. continue to pray because the opposition is just so smug in how they treat her.
  12. at first I thought it might be coincedental but it's happened MORE than a 'coincedental number of times.' i am referring to what happens to me everytime i try to read The Bible. Everytime I do, one, I can't soak up what it is that I'm reading, but two(even more dramatically) i suddenly get very sleepy. as i've said, it's happened more than once. it feels like someone doesn't want me to read the Bible and i get sleepy and just stop reading. why would God allow this?
  13. the information is really jumbled but in the time of Jesus, alot of people seemed to be in power. however, i'm trying to figure out, who was at the very top during this time? was it Caesar, Herrod, Pilate, or the High Priests? and how is it that all these were able to have commuincation with each other? as I understand it, the Jews and Romans spoke different languages did they not?
  14. this is for Sarah Palin because she definately needs prayers. considering what she's done and how she's come on the scene and how big her name is now, there are those out there who are VERY indifferent to her and what she believes in. not knowing where to even start. people are talking. people are all over the fact that she believes in God and The Bible and how "CRAZY" she is for this. they call her stupid, they call her worthless, etc... they make sport of her...they enjoy doing this. people HATE her so much...a hate only satan could conjure up. they speak of violence against her, they talk of raping her. people in this very country, the worthless, sinful, vile children of satan out there in America. keep her in your prayers.
  15. please, i need desperate prayers here. going right into it...my life is a never ending cycle of: 1. poor eating habits and the health problems which ensue. 2. a never ending stint with pornography, fantasy, etxreme lust, and even more extreme perversions in my mind.
  16. thanks everyone for the prayers
  17. not everyone has the ability to "pray in tounges."
  18. What if you prayed for 'The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit' and God still did not answer? That's not asking for anything material.
  19. i'm talking about our own sin though, our own sin that keeps our prayers from being answered. how many times must one resist temptation?
  20. I was merely making my point more clear. It felt like you assumed she WAS a Christian and had understanding of the spiritual things.
  21. but that's just it, she's not a Christian. my sister does drugs, listens to rap/rock music, cusses, parties, has sex. i should have clarified that. i'm just worried about her though, it's come to this, having a MALE roommate. i can't stop her from anything, but God CAN AT LEAST find her a female roommate.
  22. i need prayer for my sister. i don't even know where to start but it's come to my attention that when she goes to College, she's going to have a MALE roommate. he's one of her friends. she knows so many people...and alot of them are guys. yes, she's THAT kind of girl. this is not good. I don't like any of her friends, male or female. this cannot stand. I want her to go to College yes, I want her to move out and find her own place. however, a MALE roommate is absolutely wrong. pray this doesn't happen.
  23. lets say someone is not receiving answers to their prayers because of a habitual sin, HOW MANY TIMES must this person resist temptation in order for God to decide to answer their prayers?
  24. I realize it's all 'Perspective' but their supposed 'Perspectives' are WAY TOO CONTRADICTORY to give any value to the story they are telling. These 'Perspectives' are COSTING peoples' souls because the contradictions were too great and they discarded Christianity all together all to the damnation of their souls. I'm just telling it like it is. one person says Jesus said or did this, the next person says Jesus said or did the COMPLETE OPPOSITE. The OPPOSITE! That's too hard to ignore. for example: in Matthew, Jesus instructs his disciples to NOT take a staff nor wear sandals. however in Mark, Jesus instructs them to TAKE A STAFF and WEAR SANDALS. so you see, these supposed 'Perspectives' of people do no justice for the account of Jesus' ministry. Why would God allow such contradictions? How could an ALL POWERFUL/PERFECT God allow this? Doesn't He realize the effect this has on our minds? Too many just don't *Sync Up* stuff like this only gives atheists MORE reason to discredit God and The Bible. In the case of Matthew and Mark and Jesus instructing His disciples what to take and not take, those are some VERY faulty 'Perspectives'. which one are we supposed to believe?
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