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  1. Jasmine, whatever you are eager to know concerning anything, I believe God has poured his knowledge by the holyspirit. You will see whatever you want to see and know plainly. I have a feeling something will happen after 3 days. I shall pray about this case Jasmine. philipians 4:6-7
  2. Debora, I am praying for the restoration, have you considered fasting too? I will pray more as the Lord leads. May the Gracious Lord have mercy on him, I speak healing in his life. Have faith that God will restore what the enemy has taken through this accident. peter
  4. Connie, I can only say, the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent must take it by force. We have to announce from the platform of victory---to pharaoh and the witches to let the people of God go free. Thanks Connie, bro Peter
  5. Lurdys/angelwings, Thank you so much for the prayers. I feel some breakthroughs I can sense the foundations of darkness shakened, I feel like driving every witch out of business in kenya. Lord arise and let your enemies be scattered!!!!!! Keep praying for me as I launch this battle outside my door steps. I need a cover and the enemy has to take away his hands From and the people . I force him to pay seven times, IN JESUS NAME. AMEN.
  6. Cholette, I with to thank all who are continued in ceaseless prayers. God is calling on his people to pray and change the deirection the world has taken. Prayer is number on precise and offensive weapon we can all access against the kingdom of darkness. Only one third of the demons made it on earth after staging a revolt against the throne of God. Satan and his demons which are only one third do not reproduce. The christians are on the increase each day but its unfathomable how demons still have their ways in our lives and around us. these demons are few, but inteligent they are able to transform our minds into battle fields, they keeps us in collision with the true word of God. We have to break lose dear people of God, we have to fight and get the holyspiirit renew and control our minds. This is a war that if fought well right from within us can affect the environment around us, it can affect the remote villages, houses, streets and cities and the nations of the world . We have a God who is great and awesome, Deutronomy 4:7 For what great nation is there that has a god so near to it as is the LORD our God whenever we call on Him The people who know there God shall be strong and do mighty exploits. Chollette, I gree we do not have to tear the leaders a part, if we do this we are attacking the plans of God. All authority comes from God and God has anointed leaders despite their failures and characters. God knew that Saul was not his choice but the peoples' and he was not a very good king but still he had to put his oil upon his head. Every leader has a spiritual role.whether he is a bad or good leader, yet God still want his annointed not to be touched. Here in Kenya most of the calamities and tragedy like this one of fire and bloodshed are sacrifices for the altars of top satanic governmental leaders . God is already dealing with some of them, some are repenting and other are going to be dealt with as God seems best. As christians we can still capture the lands in our coutries and rededicate it to the only one God, the creator of heaven and Earth. We can demolish any othe altar and build a new altar of the Lord and repent on behalf of cities. We are going to fight and win the battles through honor. I have seen men of God who disrepect governmental authority do not go far in their work. Let us keep praying for the Nations, for America and Israel too.
  7. Cholette, thanks! standing on higher ground, sure foundation, jesus christ. Connie, I feel your prayers and the rest. God bless you too. Lets pray for peace in the world too. peter
  8. Thank you connie, sorry did not communicate you early enough. Much confusion was going around here. Thank you Laura for prayers. Thank you Mark for keeping watch over me through your prayers. peter
  9. The link above may help you to see the situation. Many deaths are still being reported from the injured in hospitals.
  10. This fire started in the morning of 11th september while most people were still asleep. The sinai is one of the many slums here in Nairobi, congested and railway lines, electricity and Oil pipeline running from the Port Mombasa passes through right in the middle of the populated environment. Most of the houses here are either boxes of cartons or wooden and sometimes low iron sheets. These structures made it difficult for the residence to control the fire. The oil pipeline had busted, the slum dwellers hearing of this rushed with cups, basins and jericans to have the commodity. A hundred of them were their. It is aledged that one resident ignited a cigarette and the petrol caught fire. At this time most fuel had wetted the area, including the Nairobi river. Many people whose bodies had caught fire jumped into the river to extinguish fire not knowing that petrol mixed with water is like a bomb. Most of them perished in this way. I saw myself bodies burnt, the stench of roasted bodies and the smell of death is still being felt here around. I was shocked. Two weeks earlier before this happened, the Lord prompted me to ask for prayers, specifically my protection and protection of Kenya. Sinai area is the area I frequent in the open air meetings and crusades. It has been on my heart ,I stay about 1km away from this scene. I have ministered here several times, many people are open to the gospel BUT the weight of witchcraft and false God is still being felt. Right now the village is swept away, the shantis caught fire and the poor residents are displaced. We have visited them at Tom mboya Hall, the locals are giving basic needs. We however doubt if the government will give permanent residential place for these people. They have been neglected and their only hope is men of God and word of God. I saw them having a lot of items from christians. I will be ministering to them in this place they are located now. I pray I will be able to give more. I also need prayers and enablements. Many of us including myself will have to evacuate the area, at leasts 3km away or so. Most of us have been served with notices to relocate. Most pipelines are underground.I will have to move too, I need prayers and people here need prayers. Brethren, their is something God is communicating. Christians are praying and the lord is witnessing in my heart about repentance. I have the pictures( not very good pictures of this scenes). I know God is faithful. Keep praying for me, for this area and for the church. Let God be merciful, and let him allow and do as he wish. The shakable foundations to be shakened. I need prayers too, I have been scared since this events. Peter odhiambo, kenya. http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/InsidePage.php?id=2000043064&cid=4&
  11. hi seeker, I am agreeing with you for you healing!All you sickness the Lord carried to the cross all you burdens have there place at the cross of Jesus.We take authority over this infirmity in Jesus name.Let there be peace in your heart and health in your body. "please Lord we a gree as you said that when two agree touching anything it shall be done,we agree in your name of authority that there is healing in this chest and this arm in your holy name,in the matchless name of yeshua"
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