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  1. THANK YOU ALL very much for this input. As I look back over all these dreams, I do think they are more than likely linked together. There has been an on going issue in my family that seems to come one like gang busters then die down for many months at a time, only to resume an almost nastier pose than the last. THIS time, I know something is in the wind, but due to the fog, it's NOT being revealed to me at this time, yet I see clearly, IT IS there. Many possibilities of the screaming wind too. I think that maybe the fog is there as a protection to warn my spirit that, yes, something IS in the midst of showing itself yet it's keeping me from seeing it head on more as a protection, but yet still a very strong warning. Similar like that of a fog horn warning the ships. The person I believe this is about IS a destroyer of families AND has black and white hair. And believe it or not, this person has fangie teeth as well. This person has been out since day one to devour the relationship between me and my family. She has also said and I quote" I will do whatever it takes to bring you down, every last one of you" unquote. I believe I will have to love her from a distance that I may be safe from her. I had 2 different people say outta the blue, " she is setting you up" which she has done many times before. It makes me sad, but loving her from a distance IS, I believe the best option. Funny tho, I STILL have compassion for her because I KNOW deep down inside, she is miserable. Thank you beloved for taking your precious time and posting your response. May you be blessed to overflowing.
  2. Hi there I have been employing Mia's protocol for submitting dreams and I am wondering........ I truly am seeking some wisdom and insight on this. After I submit this, I will be going to bed and asking the Lord to show me if the 4 dreams are related and if so, what do they mean. PLEASE pray for the Lord to reveal the answers so that I understand them this time. Thank you for helping share the load. I prayed silently before going to sleep last night and asked the Lord to reveal what my "VERY SHORT bat dream" AND my " LIVE ORCA SEALED IN BAG STRUGGLES TO BREATHE" dreams were about. These are the two separate dreams I had the following morning: ( I have just posted them) I guess I don't understand. I prayed that the Lord would reveal what the last two dreams meant, and I got 2 more dreams I don't understand. I think I have missed something here.
  3. Hello Dear heart Your sweet little morsale will be in my prayers.
  4. http://www.tvkim.com/watch/59/kims-picks-the-amazing-lyrebird
  5. The Lord HAS given you the desires of your heart. He is entrusting to you a very special package of life. There must be great rejoicing in the heavens. To God be the glory for the things He has done. I share in your joy with you!!!! Songs
  6. Hi there Yes, I was going by "The Anointing". I changed. This is better suited for me at this time. SOS
  7. Thanks for the prayers and support while I was with my daughter, her family and newborn. I will be going again this Thursday for an over nighter and then back home again. I enjoy the time I have with them and sharing the gospel with my 11 yr old grandson who seems to be "very hungry" for the word. love to all here thanks again Songs Of Seashells
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