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  1. I am so angry at God. I don't care if I don't have a right or even a reason. My feelings are valid and I don't give a crap about your opinion on how I should be feeling. I want/need my healing and I refuse to accept "My grace is sufficient." I have been dealing with a bad season in my life for years. YEARS! I almost done with God! If he doesn't do a miracle, if he doesn't show me something supernatural, if nothing happens, I'm becoming a freaking God-hater. I won't be an atheist cause I will still believe he exists. I know what he has done on the cross for me, I know he saved me from killing myself before, but what about right now! He may have kept me alive for one more day, he may have given me clothes to wear and food to eat, and all that wonderful crap! BUT THAT IS NOT ENOUGH, Why can't anyone, especially God understand?!?!?! I'm grateful but, I WANT MORE!!!!!. I'm sick of waiting for him to turn his face to me. If he doesn't save me, if he doesn't restore me, if he doesn't heal me, it's over between us. My decision is final and I'm not letting anyone change my mind. I had to learn the hard way that God is very selective on who he shines his face on.
  2. Please pray something happens. I need my healing. I need to have faith. Pray that I do!!!!!
  3. I went to school with her before I was dismissed. Please pray.
  4. Okay so my mom took the driver's writing test and passed. ACS closed the case against my mom. And the lady from the board of ED said that I'm going to a permanent high school, which means a high school diploma, which means I'm going to college!!!!!
  5. /t19353-i-want-my-soul-to-be-bound-to-jesus
  6. Thc girl for helping me realize that. Can you help me with something else. I posted something titled I want my soul bound to Jesus.
  7. Thanks. Ever since I read that book i have been uncertain of Gods will for my lifr. I thought I was supposed to be a screenwriter. I have heard about how this new generation of teenagers will be servants of God. Some prophets have mentioned it. You know how it says in the bible that young men will have visions. I have felt in the past that God would bring that about through me. I'm only unsure of the screenwriting part. Help...
  8. Thx but I have another question. How must I dismantle my own glory so God can show me his glory? Ive been reading a book and it say that I have to pursue God like crazy die to my flesh and dismantle me glory like the lady with the alabaster box.
  9. Thx. Finally some clarity! I've been so hidden in the dark about this.
  10. I'm having a bit of a mental block and laziness. I want to finish my script by the end of May. It's called Honey, I'm Gay. The title really tells you the story. Anyways, I need inspiration to finish it. It's strictly secular. Thanks for your prayers.
  11. It wasn't a school official actually. Sorry. My mom has to write a letter to the Board of Ed saying that I'm not healthy enough for regular school and then they have thirty days to evaluate me.
  12. Jasmine

    God sees you!

    Your welcome! and Thank you!
  13. So lately I've been really searching and crying out to God after Battle Cry. Yesterday, I went to church by myself because my mom was to tired. During worship the worship leader asked us to imagine where we would be without Jesus in our lives. I know I would be in hell because I would've killed myself if God had not saved me. Then he, told us that if we wanted to we could go to the platform and worship. I went to the front after my initial hesitation. I knelt down and worshiped. After the pastor asked us to go back to our seats he asked us to hug someone on our way back. There's this lady called Diane. I went up to her to hug her and while I was hugging her she gave me a word. She said that God sees me, that God sees my tears and prayers. She said that God will turn my mourning into laughing and my tears (i think) into dancing. If God sees me then God sees you! He loves you! He adores you! He knows you! Ask him right now to show you that he knows you if you are unsure! Last summer, I ran into a complete stranger who told me that my future is right in front of me! He sees you!
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