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  1. He keeps hacking my account on Facebook. I think he either is still obsessed with me or is trying to get back at me for whatever reason (when he's the one that dumped me and our drifting afterwards was mostly his fault), I unfriended him because I didn't want my mom to find out we still had a friendship (now extinct). I'm friends with his ex-boyfriend, Joe who only had a homosexual phase. They broke up but remained friends. Then Jason messed up Joe's house and they stopped being friends. I don't know why he is angry at me. He was trying to ruin my friendship with my crush at the time. On top of everything Joe is flirting with me but he also flirts with everyone and he is not the type to want a relationship. He's the type to want sex. Now he's into my best friend Ashley but Ashley pays him no mind. I want to fix this mess but I don't want to cut ties with anyone.
  2. I always had terrible anxiety attacks. I'm having less anxiety because I removed certain things from my life and change the things that I can change. I highly suggest to do what Mia is saying but I also suggest striving for the peace of God, making some changes in your life and radically accepting the things which God won't change (until further notice) and you can't change. Tell us your major worries. If you're uncomfortable about that, then I'll tell you my fears. If the most unfounded ones.
  3. Praise the Lord! That's great what happened. Maybe I should try that.
  4. She finally emailed me back! She said that they are not making the movie back but they will after they finish making another one.
  5. I have an acoustic guitar. I already have an app for everything guitar. Lol
  6. My church is doing 21 days of hunger and I am participating. I skipped the first day so I am only doing 20 days or however long my body allows. I'm only doing a one meal a day fast. Right now I am in my mother's workplace and I can smell the food. I am slightly tempted to quit right now, but I won't. Please pray that God grants me freedom and brings us closer through this fast. I'm doing this for that reason and to obey what he wants me to do.
  7. Thx. I feel the hunger for God more strongly in my life.
  8. I've been waiting for years to get baptized and now I am.
  9. I have a movie in the making and the producer didnt email me back. I havent spocken to her in almost a month. Please pray she answers me back.
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