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Cause Me To Praise You Today

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That's what I said to God this morning, long before the events of the day began to roll. I actually woke up thinking this, and the theme returned to me during my quiet time before I got ready for work.

Really, what I was hoping for was something fantastic to happen today. Something that would make me look at today, see what was going on, and then turn to God with thanksgiving in my heart for whatever he chose to do.

A few hours before work, though, I took a look outside.

Snow. At least 3 inches on the ground, and still coming down. Great. And the forecast said that it wouldn't be letting up until late tonight. So, I figured that I had better do at least a single pass down the sidewalk before I left - early, that is, since I had to account for nasty roads.

I shovelled. And, by the time I was through, it didn't really look like I had.

Then, I get a message from a coworker. Another coworker will not be in. So, I'm shorthanded before I even leave the house. This night is going to be great. Not to mention the fact that I'll be working until midnight, so it'll be 1am + before I'm back home, and even later before I'm asleep.

Plus, I'd have to get up early to clean up the wintry mess...my own, and the neighbors' to either side.

So, I arrived at work and found that two other coworkers would be gone. 3 gone out of 7.

Then, it began.

We were given a goal that, should we meet it, we could get out of there early. 10pm would have been a stretch, but that's much better than midnight. Everyone (who showed up) was fired up. We were more efficient than we'd ever been, operating at 98% (when 75% is the goal, although we're often 90+). Not only would we get to leave early...but everything fell into place so well that we were done at 8:30. Cleaned up and out the door by 9:00.

Now I'd be able to get home and maybe even do a bit of shovelling before bed. I mean, it's supposed to be -14 tomorrow with the wind chill, so I might as well dig in and do it tonight.

God wasn't done, though.

I rolled into the driveway at 10:00 after a VERY icy drive home to find that the friend and neighbor from two houses down had just finished snowblowing my driveway, sidewalk, and the drives and walks of both the neighbors mentioned above. I caught him just as he was kicking the snow off his boots at his front door and thanked him for his kindness. Now I'm home early AND I won't have to shovel in the morning.

And, as expected, I remembered what I said to God at the start of my day.
And He did cause me to praise Him, today.

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Praise the Lord! That's great what happened. Maybe I should try that.

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I love this!!! God cares about EVERYTHING and what seems to be overwhelming (the snow and the lack of help at work) was God's way of bringing praise out of you. He takes the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. ONLY GOD!!!

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