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  1. I just got back from Battle Cry. I am starving for Jesus. I think I know what to do now. Nothing is going to stop me this time. I'm going for the gold. I'm hunting for the Lion of Judah. He will be mine. I need prayer. I need you guys to pray your hardest. Pray like you've never prayed before. My sanity and my soul are on the line. Thanks. Christ's Love Always.
  2. Thx. Im having a meeting tomorrow with a school official of the school we are interested in. Pray it goes we'll.
  3. Thx. I think the root is what has happened to me and a lot has happened to me. There's a lot of trauma in my past. But I also have a feeling there could be something more to this. More than forgiving and forgetting the past. IDK what to do now.
  4. Thx. Actually I had recently cut myself multiple times at school and they had to call 911. It's was really a bloody mess. I did not need stitches though. I had to go back to the mental hospital too. And there have been instances where they had to call my mom to pick me up because I had cut myself or felt suicidal. They are not trained to deal with that
  5. It's a really long story. The reason they gave is that they are only there to educate and they can't help me with my mental issues. They have to think about the other students too. I'm half relieved, half sad. But there's one question left to answer: now what? My ACS worker said I can go to a school with a day program but their education level is much lower. I want to go to NYFA, a film school in Manhattan. I also want to get my GED. Another option is that I go to the state hospital. I've been hospitalized four times before but never under the state. If I go there, God only know how long I'll stay. Help!
  6. That's really good!
  7. Congrats! What college, if I may ask?
  8. Oh. Well, just keep crying out. He's gonna answer. Sometimes, it's just that season.
  9. Sometimes God stays silent until we've done what he commands. Has he given you specific instructions? Did you follow through with them?
  10. He has no idea about this account
  11. Actually no. We never shared an account. He has his own account.
  12. I never let him use my account. He uses this website to hack me.
  13. He barely uses his own fb. He uses mine. I don't want to delete my account. If I report him my account would be hanging by a thread. But still thanks
  14. Do that. Can you help me with something? /t18830-remember-jason
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