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  1. It might snow this Saturday. I know it may seem ridiculous, but please pray it's clear skies this Saturday. I haven't seen her since May. For some reason, everytime we try to hang out, it doesn't happen through no fault of our own. The last time I saw her was at her sweet sixteen and everyone was pulling her every direction. She has been there for me, made me feel better, helped me, and vise versa. I just want to nurture the friendship sisterhood that we have developed over the last 5 years.
  2. A little better. I went to the doctor and she gave me eye drops and and eye lube.
  3. This has been going on for over 2 weeks!!! I am missing school this week because of it. Now my eyes have this blackish mucus discharge. Gross!! Please pray this goes away! In the meanwhile, anyone know any home remedies???
  4. That's great! Praise the Lord. Post pics of her if you don't mind.
  5. I agree with you guys. I personally wouldn't drink it when I'm 21, even socially, because I fear I will use it to harm myself. It depends on what stage I am in my recovery.
  6. I don't know if this is an allergic reaction of if I got sick. My eyes are red, watery, with mucus, and itchy. my nose is stuffed up and runny. On top of it all, I think I'm having hot flashes. Please pray I'm better by Tuesday, when I return to school. Thx!
  7. /t20091-jesus-wanted-my-blood-so-we-could-be-closer Yeah. I had that dream and basically the interpretation I have is that Jesus wants all of me. Shouldn't that knowledge alone be strong enough to make me wanna turn to him? I do. I honestly do, but I am so connected to my sin. I don't want to stop sinning. I feel as if our relationship will never be fixed. I don't want to feel that way. I want to go back to the days where it was easy to stay innocent and not sin. At least that's how it felt for me. How do I totally 100% repent? I want Jesus so bad!!!!!!!
  8. I have been working on this script for ages. I need to finish it soon. I want to start looking for a literary agent by the middle of next year. Please pray I overcome my procrastination, my writer's block, and my impatience. I seriously have to start my professional career. I know I am only 16 but I feel its never too early to start. I feel God is calling me to do this and I need to respond quickly.
  9. Please pray that inspite of her sickness she has a nice time today. We can't leave the house and she can't be active. So, yeah. Help!
  10. My mom is sick. She went to the doctor and the doc said she didn't know what it was. She also said that it might be stool that is stuck in her bowels. i know this sounds gross, but please pray she makes a HUGE bowel movement. She also has cramps so please pray that the cause goe away. Thanks.
  11. I have been paying attention. My church too. Lot's of people, especially youth, are committing suicide. We need to pray for the pained to find a better way out. Obviously, it's Jesus, but it isn't obvious to them. Dear Lord. I ask that you put an end to the rising suicides in this country. Stop the devil in his tracks. Lord Jesus, save these lost souls. They need you. Help them find you. My heart breaks for them. I know how they have felt way too many times. Use me, use us as reflections of Jesus so we can show them they way to eternal life and not eternal death. Help them to desire to live and live abundantly. Replace their attraction to death for an attraction to Godly things. Save them. In Jesus name, Amen!
  12. My mom is in extreme debt. We need a big miracle and lots of faith. Today, we couldn't go to the movies because my mom didn't have enough money. She's maxed out all her credit cards. She spends a good portion of money on taking taxis because she can't take public transportation. Please pray!
  13. I got into the care with the man because my mom told me to. She trusted so why should I be the cautious one? I can't do this relationship with God thing by my own. I mean it can't just be God and me. From my experiences a relationship with God is very difficult to maintain.
  14. I understand what you said but you are only seeing it from one angle. I chase a man's approval because I didn't getting from my father. I also want some sort of father figure. I am not sure to who is going to fill that position. I also want a romantic relationship from a different person because I do feel lonely and I do like the feeling of someone liking me as more than a friend. I honestly do know my value. I know I'm beautiful on the inside and out. I know my worth is based on my Creator and not any relationship, but to be honest I still really want a relationship not to feel better about myself but to pour out of myself to benefit someone else in a very personal way. I don't want a relationship so I can feel better. I want a father figure for that. I don't want a father figure to pour out my affection and love. I want a relationship for that. I used to mix up the two but I don't anymore.
  15. Idk to no honest. I know I give good advice, but unless it was a relationship problem I wouldn't know what to do. When it comes to attracting or repelling older men I really don't know. I don't dress provacitively. I don't flirt. I sometimes wear makeup. I really don't know. I could just pray and wait but that isn't enough for me.
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