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Everything posted by yara

  1. will you know nothin bad happend to your acc ! it did happend to me one time or twice i think ! LOL Dont worry nothin bad happened
  2. i got that cloud room but that never happened to me xS
  3. Thanks .. Next Person Will Get An Arabian Snack Box =]
  4. Here Are My Answers .. #1 A #2 B #3 B #4 A #5 A #6 B #7 A #8 A #9 B #10 A #11 B Good Luck For Me ! Thanks Lucky For This Nice Comp
  5. Can i Get Number 35 Please ..? Thank You .. GMB Will Be Sent Soon ..! F/R Sent ..
  6. I Think That 13 Is Benny , 4 is lothos Thats All I Guessed i Dunno If Right ..
  7. Can I Get cute Fairy Clip Please ..? Hm Does It worth ..?
  8. How Much For Black Bunny Costume Hat & Bunny Ribbon Hairband How Much For Both ?! =)
  9. I Got 20 Free Credits But .. I Dont Know How To Use It !! =(
  10. Thanks Next Person Will Get A Red Mystery Box ! ;]
  11. Im Glad To See You Too Lucky
  12. Thanks And Im Sooo Happy To Get Back To PSFC
  13. hmm golden cup for 4X999 or u can have it for 3X999
  14. Aww Finally Im Back To PSFC !! Im In Palestine ... So ... It Took A Lot Of Time .... To Tidy Our Stuff XD . And Finally Back Cuz I Hurt My Eye ... And It Was Bleeding But Now Its Okay !! I Miss You Guys ...
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