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  1. At that same area where you see your games, click "More" -> "See Hidden". A small window should pop up with the games you have hidden. I hope that helps
  2. Sure, I can do that. Hi there Tiddly. I 've been so busy that i've completely forgotten about this. May i still get my wigs dyed?
  3. Hi Tiddly, could i get my 2 wigs dyed please? Red witch wig and vintage short bob wig to dark brown.
  4. Here are my guesses 1. Black framed gate 2. Hospital small green plant 3. Chocolate biscuit shelf 4. Director's chair 5. Exquisite orchid 6. Golden new year 2011 tiara 7. Green Stone Tiara 8. Sweet orange tree 9. Rapunzel Towel Holder 10. Tasteful tulip
  5. Thanks guys! :jump: and Thank you Kivie!! I wasn't expecting to win at all. I love the wallpaper :carol:
  6. Looking for: Purple heart ornament x2 I have (one of each): Blue hideeni ornament Pink decorative ornament Blue bell ornament Pink and gold cane ornament Blue hat ornament Red ball and bow ornament Pink and green dangling ornament Green tree ornament
  7. Congrats to charlotte and ayah for winning :smiles: and Thank you to Kivie for hosting this competition and the awesome runner up prizes as well
  8. Thank you for this competition. here's my guess: 1. Swirl goggles 2. Jesters hat 3. Black framed gate 4. Alpine boy hat 5. Lollipop collection 6. Green stone tiara 7. Tasteful tulip 8. Autumn lavender 9. Wooden cabinet 10. Dalmation plushie
  9. I still play, but not as much i used to.
  10. yep thats right hun xx alright, i'll send over payment in a bit Edit: All sent
  11. I'm interested in buying B16 and C16 please, total would be 7x999 i think
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