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  1. aryt hun easter bunny portrait for only 8*999:) im on pet soc rightnow.. hope to catch you right now coz ill be on skul in a lil while.. payments first..
  2. eucalyptus tree with koala sent.. thnks for the trade adding rep..
  3. frozen lake and crystal heart decor sent.. thnk you for the smooth trade.. adding rep for you... enjoy:)
  4. thnks ate chay.. hmm how can i add rep hir? u'll see a +/- on the right side just below ur status...(i'm online) near the report post click the + for any finished /successful trade oh yeah.. hahaha i remmber hihihih i already forgot everything hir in PSFC trading but i go0d now.. hehehehe thanks ate chay
  5. f/r accepted.. im sorry hun i cnt give you the two for 5*999.. but you can still have 1 of it for 3*999, still cheap though.. jst send me the payent and post it hir as well.. aryt thnks:)
  6. shinny blue dress shoes and ribbon sent.. my fly 's goin to miss tht dress and i thnk she hven't wear tht.. hahaha so its really brand new.. hihihi thnks for the smooth trade, hope you like it.. enjoy .. adding rep..
  7. Hi =D, can you send me a f/r? since you dont have your profile linked. already sent f/r.. and hun i forgot the set has a ribbon i thot its only shoes and dress so im selling the whole set ribbon + dress + shoes for 7*999.. thnks..
  8. hi dear im only selling 1 of my 2 eucalyptus tree with koala cause i have the other 1 as for my own collection.. but if you really like it how much is your offer for the other tree? jst send me your f/r hun.. thnks..
  9. http://www.facebook.com/eurikablanca.ronquillo eurika blanca ronquillo
  10. yes hun i cn still offer it for you but im having a hard time on pricing ths item.. because its been a long time since tht im not trading hir.. these items might increase i bit.. hey ayathon hir a pretty cheap deal.. 12*999 for frozen lake and crystal heart decor? are you in? just let me know.. this is first come first aryt..
  11. yes hun i cn still offer it for you but im having a hard time on pricing ths item.. because its been a long time since tht im not trading hir.. these items might increase i bit..
  12. oh my! thts a mistake tht sewing machine and petniquin should be 3*999 each, but because you remind me of tht i will jst sell it to you for 2*999 for tht 2 so all in all 8*999.. still cheap though.. so hun are in?
  13. hi guys im selling some of my items from my own collection.. im accepting 999 and 4999 items.. 8*999 each *crystal heart decor *easter bunny portait *classic wall fountain NEW 6*999 each *skull cave *frozen lake 3x999 each *eagle totem *bagpipes decor *phonograph decor *eucalyptus tree with koalas *oriental long bench *white sewing machine *sewing petnequin decor *snowflakes wall light *green ironing board *white electric iron *blue elegant throne *banana toy NEW 2x999 each *snowan jack in the box *red hearts wall paper *mochi bunny plushie NEW *pink kettle NEW *hospital small green plant NEW *pink candy pillow NEW *arabian market incense NEW 1x999 each *red velvet cake *maple cake *luxury sparkling grape juice BUY 1 TAKE 1 for FREE! *luxury sparkling berry juice BUY 1 TAKE 1 for FREE! *terra cotta pot BUY 1 TAKE 1 for FREE! *ballroom chandelier BUY 1 TAKE 1 for FREE! *2 green shamrock cushion *classic scarecrow BUY 1 TAKE 1 for FREE! just pick 2 items that you want.. please add me on y facebook (EURIKA BLANCA RONQUILLO)for transactions and put a msg on what item you wish to have.. thank you so much guys....[flash][/flash] all transaction will add rep automatically [b]
  14. hi hun i have blue shinny set for 4*999.. it comes frm my own collection bt im going to sell it for you:(
  15. hi hun.. how much is it for red toilet?
  16. hi hun how is it for vintage goggles and for medical eye patch? wnt to trade for some of my items? jst visit my topic its y KHYFLY.. i have there some co0l old stuff.. thnks..
  17. Please send me an F/R for Assorted sushi. I will give it to you. I got extra ^^ f/r sent.. thnks.. GUYS ANYONE HAVE A SPARE OF RAMEN CUP NOODLE PLEASE..
  18. hun i want 1 ramen cup noodle nd 1 assorted sushi in exchnge for my 2 sausage octopus pls...
  19. uhm u want the set right? yes i wnt it but im not sure if i can afford it.. my pet is not rich
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