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  1. Thanks that's what I figured. I would prefer it if it were a dye table but i'm guessing they realised that they can make more money this way. Hopefully the colours will be added to the Stylist shop at least. I don't want to have to buy the bundle just for one colour.
  2. Does anyone know if the Rainbow Wig Dye bundle is reusable? What I mean is will it be like the dye tables where we can reuse the colours as many times as we want or will it be like the multi-coloured dyes from the mystery boxes that you can only use once?
  3. Not only am I not excited about this new feature, but I think it might be the reason I quit Pet Society for good. I don't like features that require CC coins to work or require you to ask other people for help. One of the things I liked about Pet Society when I joined is that unlike Farmville it was possible to play without having to spam people's news feeds with silly requests. With this new feature you need to beg your friends for assistance before you even get access to the house. It's unnecessary and a waste of my time.
  4. Holy wowza, that's alot of new items. I don't know whether to buy everything I like this week and risk running out of money or hold off and see what the final Halloween week's items are....decisions, decisions....
  5. OMG, i'm such a plonker. I spent hours and all my coins digging for the weekly item only to realise that I had been digging in the wrong site!!! I was digging in the desert instead of the town forest. Now I have to save up all my money to try again
  6. I was just thinking about doing something with all the old back to school stuff I still have so this is weird timing. It even includes stuff that I wanted from the last time they did this theme so I'm actually excited. I'm kinda annoyed I like the digging plushie and school flag because now i'm going to have to spend so much time and coins trying to get them. PS is fun, but sometimes exhausting...lol
  7. Thanks, scgrandma58 for a great first EVER trade. My newly outfited Pet also sends it's thanks. Rep for you, too.
  8. Although I was initially annoyed the bunny dispenser and the net-a-fish stall are CC, i'm glad it's still possible to get the items providing a neighbour has them in their house. I would prefer to be able to buy the stalls myself, but at least we don't completely miss out. Now if only there was a Japanese Uniform stall, then I would be all set.
  9. Yay!! You've made my day..probably week. Maybe even month!! I've accepted your friend request and sent you a note.
  10. I have the Gakuran uniform, willing to trade for Tan, Coffee or Winter.
  11. Damn it!! I spent all my money on the uniform mystery box and ended up with the Garkuran Uniform which is the only one I didn't want. I was really hoping for the winter uniform but still would have been more than happy with the tan or coffee uniform.
  12. have a look at the mystery boxes that you can buy in your hosue hun...they are in there..with the GMB's xx Thanks, Lea75! I seem them now. Too bad the school uniform mystery box is a CC (not that i'm surprised).
  13. I'm confused as to how my neighbours seem to have the Japanse school uniforms and the Japanese Garden mystery items already. I've been through all the shops and the only new items I can see our the competition winners clothes. I feel like i'm going crazy
  14. I take it the Japanese Princess Bundle is a CC item?
  15. Thanks for the advice, peeps. Guess it's not possible I may have to rethink my decision now, I can't be without PS!!!
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