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  1. thx.... noticed that he was following me...so waited for the right moment in the right room..lucky me this time...hope i will be lucky once
  2. i try that each time...but won`t work here...sorry...but have to say i`m a blonde
  3. thx so much for the help...i try each time to upload the pic...but everyway i try just doesn`t seem to work
  4. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=30598522&l=2d80a1b519&id=1100010767 hope i did it right this time...but still won`t work for me to post a pic...help is welcome.. added your picture for you sweetie, great entry! myladyyawo forum Moderator
  5. But with all the new things...where is the lottery???
  6. thx very much...someone sometime told me how to do it..but each time i try i end up with nothing Knew i was a blonde...but this blond?? pffffffff
  7. Really don`t know how to put up the img...just won`t work for me...but here is my entry... Just want to welcome you to cafe duffy Cananybody help me upload this pic?? I added your picture for you sweetie. For help adding pictures check out the forum help and advice part of our forum It's much more helpful than I would be describing it lol. Edited by myladyyawo Forum Moderator
  8. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1100010767#!/photo.php?pid=30535912&id=1100010767 this is my room..still don`t know how to upload the pic...sorry Can anybody help me post the pic please???
  9. Well still don`t understand how to upload the pic hope i win
  10. I think it`s best to get up early...too many nice things so little time to redecoraty my rooms
  11. anybody can tell me how i upload a picture of my room?? i think it`s looks so great
  12. i think i just have to save a lot of coins and cc for monday...i just love all the stuff
  13. opsssssss.. soo sorryyy huuunnnnnnnnnn........... i forget to send you.. now, allready sent you 3 cushions.. i will give you 1 item for bonus.. what item you want hun? got the cushions thxxxxxxx....thought it would be 1 of the 2...it`s ok...i understand...i trade a lot myself too....really thx for the trade
  14. i didn`t get any cushions yet...dunno if you are having problems or maby forgot me?? could haqppen when trading a lot....but just wanted to let you know
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