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  1. I also wish I could help, but no qualified pets - and the hunt is really hard on me here. I'll probably not manage to get it finished :-(
  2. Thanks for the info :-D
  3. Voila, I made a list and updated the items :-)
  4. I can't wait to adopt this (free) kitty! I just received a dog this morning and it is VERY cute!
  5. Well, here is a result of breeding with Cheeto (and Dad is my Chester). It's a girl (the one 3rd from the lest) and her name is (I wanted it to start with Ch) Cheshire :-D
  6. thanks Lazar! Am thinking this building is going to take forever and that I won't be able to finish these before leaving for my trip
  7. Oh I wish I saw this earlier, I'm sorry, I sent you rocks I think Thanks!!
  8. Hey guys I'm looking for more people to help me finish my horse stable and dino den, I just decided to build these too Could you please send me a friend request and add a note if possible? Thanks!
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