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  1. haven't been playing for quite a long time because of school, missed out on lounge bar, karaoke, bowling alley and cafe.. can anyone help me with completing them? need pineapple, coconut and cherry for lounge bar; coffee bean, milk and hazelnut for cafe; salt and chicken for bowling alley; ice and strawberry for karaoke, will try my best to trade, thanks ^^
  2. max washing only gets me 8 paw points T.T wondering when can i reach lvl47 other than that, everything else seems awesome!!!
  3. congratzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u deserved it ^^
  4. statue received, thanks, been looking for it for ages ^^ rep added
  5. sorry for the delay, 'cause i'm settling another trade. sorry, i just found a moulin rouge, but i'll be happy to take the pet liberty statue for 2x4999 + 2x999 if you're still willing to sell it.
  6. yup, moulin rouge received i liked it very much!! adding rep for you ^^
  7. addicted!!!!!!!!!! i have a album collection of my pet ^^ i think everyone ps addict will have it!!! it's a must!!! mom says: brushing other pets again? friend says: playing facebook apps (she meant ps) again?
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