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  1. can you please make me an avatar. i dont really know what i want so can you just make me something thats pretty with lots of pink in it. heres my facebok link http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf#!/album.php?id=1425652593&aid=2027638&s=160&hash=0d2c3d3ffe9c7e895bf442e15f2b24bc
  2. ooooh tomorro you can cook your gingerbread house. awesome im so gonna buy one
  3. i meant can you not write anything in the pink pet guitar one and for the grey deer plushie one and the deer plushie one you write Cordelia instead. sorry that i didnt make it so clear for you
  4. can i please get 3 items mania signitures.i dont know how to post pictures so i will also post the link to my pet society photos. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=1425652593&aid=2027638&s=160&hash=0d2c3d3ffe9c7e895bf442e15f2b24bcthe pictures are the last three.i would like to have one with have pink pet v guitar,one with grey deer plushies and one with deer plushies.can you use the picture with me playing the pink pet v guitar with the pink pet v guitars.also can you not write the ______mania part and write Cordelia instead on 2 of the pictures and leave the other one bank. thanks
  5. thankyou the next person will get a flower seed
  6. umm what do i get the next person will get a loch ness monster plushei
  7. congrats spooky your comic was totally awesome 8)
  8. Cordelia would like to have the jukeboxes because she loves to ice skate with furniture so each day she goes to the ice arena and each day she does something different. Sometimes its sitting on a summer sofa she got from digging (wonder why its so clean if it been in soil )while eating a plate of wobbly jelly(people from america call it jello) and sometimes she throws mystery eggs around the rink and pick them up as she goes but those things are getting too boring for her. She wants something unique like ballroom dancing with a jukebox robot that she made with parts of jukeboxes and parts of nanobots.Or get the ice to melt and sit on the jukebox while fishing but whatever Cordelia decides to do with the jukes its gauranteed to be something spectacular!!!
  9. can i get the chocolate poo and the egg nog please
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