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  1. Could i reserve this spot for my entry? i am currently using an iphone and is unable to enter photos. I would like to be on a first page for a competition for once. Thanks! If i cant, i understand.
  3. btw, awesome idea for comp, for the future, add more clothes!! need more choices !!!!! I personally have no idea what kind of competition to start and also dont think anyone would be interested in a "New Arrival" competition. great idea!
  4. Photo of Pet: Colour: Pink Size: Avatar Size Additional: Please put my pet's name, Abigail , thanks. No ears showing please, just the hideeni costume.
  5. Why isnt food allowed??? next person will get a aladdin oil lamp
  6. sorry, only have one boomerang wall decor and it was requested a few posts before yours have sent you a friend request but it wouldn't let me add a note. I'm Audrey. If you don't want to accept a request without knowing for sure who it is then please send me one with a note of who you are. oh sorry, if you havent sent it already, dont send the pet high uniform, i have that already, forgot, insted could i have the black oversized shades? so sorry, ill be sure to give donation. oh ok thanks, i was like "who is audrey?" thanks again.
  7. can i have number 12 and 32? thanks, ill send them soon as i can
  8. thank you i havent given it to yo yet, but i will now. sorry for the delay sorry,, nxt person gets a pink tennis bag
  9. could i have a Market Style Shop avatar please? Colour of Stand: bright pink, roof and the lines black Items: Clothes hanging , like your sample On the Ground: Hair accessories, or shoes. Name of Shop: Abigail's Boutique The sign hanging off the side of the stall, please do it the same as you've done it, brown. Thanks! heres a pic of my pet
  10. um i dont think anyone else has guess 828, is they have, then 120.
  11. could i please have PetHigh uniform dress and purple headress?? thanks, if you still have those. for the donations, what can i give you? coins? more items??
  12. the next person will get a Running Pet Amphora
  13. i love magical books, but not fantasy, really. im reading a book called Confessions of a Shopaholic for the billionth time. also, UNDOMESTIC GODDESS is the most AWEOSME book i ever read!! by sophie kinsella
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