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  1. I am pretty good at getting rid of things i haven't worn in a while (wasn't always that way) but funny enough I have to get on to my hubby to go through his clothes! he's had some of his clothes in our closet for 15 years! He said yesterday that if we work hard and get into better shape, we'll go through his clothes and get rid of a bunch of them and get new ones for both of us! it was a fun inspiration to work out!
  2. laineg

    Had to urgently go...

    Ticks are soo scary! Thankfully they don't have many occurrences of Lyme disease in these parts, but they are starting to arrive here and there makes me really scared to get bitten! I'm glad you're ok!
  3. [quote="yellownancy"][color=violet][b]Hi Elaine & Domingo! I'm sure you will make lot's of new friends here! I can't wait to see a photo of your pet in your avatar or signature! C.J. (my pet) loves to meet new pets! I put a photo of Domingo in our profile so you can see him. He's all dressed up for 4th of July!
  4. wow thank you everyone for the nice replies! i'm very happy to meet all of you! i have been informed of the 20 required posts to compete (oopsie!) but everyone has been soo nice. i went to the cafe to look around a bit yesterday. this is a great forum!
  5. they look delicious! i love baking!
  6. sadly there isn't much in the way of public transport in oxnard california where i live. there are buses but they aren't very convenient. i usually just use my car to get to and from work, or sometimes i'll ride my bike to the beach
  7. hi dhada! everyone has been very nice so far!
  8. Hi Everyone~ I just wanted to introduce myself, I just joined today. I'm excited to make new friends!
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