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  1. Hello.. please kindly reserved these items for me. I'll surely buy it, just give me time cause am still at work. thank you hunn! Deep Ocean Bathtub Fast Food Meal
  2. Long curly wig and water droplet hat for 3x3333???
  3. Green Stone Tiara Money Bags --how much for these?
  4. Aw thank you! How much? its for free WOW. so generous. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.
  5. hello... i really want to have one... but i can't get it from my free 5 shovels and don't have CCs... can you give me one? for 1x3333? :c pretty please! Please do not ask for trades in this section Lea75
  6. oh okay. it's on my chest now. hahahahah
  7. ooww, never mind.. i got it already! boohooo! can't redeem the reward... what did you do?
  8. can I say bad words? huhuhuhuhuhuhuuh bohooooooooo!!!
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