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Everything posted by GiiHx3

  1. How much for the bunny hairband? O:
  2. Can I buy one wearable rose please? *-* ~
  3. I have both Pink Japanese Uniform and Gakuran Uniform and would like to have the Coffee Uniform. If you're interested please reply. I may sell one of the uniforms I have after trading one for the uniform I want. xD
  4. Reila In Wonderland She loves pink
  5. I'm really not good at room deco, but I thought I should give it a shot! Here's my entry then, as clumsy as I can be! Reila, the toyshop owner! O:
  6. The trees will be released on the next maintenance o:
  7. Offer if you're interested. I accept any kind of payment.
  8. I'll try to pay in 3333's then. When I have enough to pay you, I'll post another reply here. Thank you very much for considering!
  9. Woaah ~ so expensive... >< Well, can I have just the dress for now? And (if you accept it) how much would it be in 999's?
  10. Payment sent and item received! Adding rep! Still looking for the other items, anyone willing to sell? ><
  11. Just say the price! Thanks! @edit Oh, and also this Pink Bunny Hairband Pink Candy Waitress Outfit & Pink Candy Waitress Shoes
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