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  1. ckh: hehee yeahh bro.. thx! TH streak with me this month. huhuu~ after i changed my avatar.. does it really effect? hahahaa.. hehehee.. they are indeed. another 2 more Fastback & it will be complete! i hope soo..

    msclee: thx broo.. i can't afford DB's yet so i go after FB's la which are quite similar. hehee..

    hassan: hehehee.. thx bro.

  2. 26/10/2010.
    wow.. i guess luck is really by my side this month. this store didn't restock for soo long but i decided to just browse around.. in my mind already thought, "ahhh, ne confirm msti bende same lg ne kat peg.. *previous cp, talladega & rat wave*".. well guess what!! i was soo wrong.. they restocked! this is what i got to bring home yesterday.. Very Happy

    btw, there are 4 more Skyline R34's & 2 more Nightburnerz Evo X's there. anyone who wants them.. can PM me.

    well for today, i decided to rest at home because after i went hunting yesterday.. i went for a jog & hillclimbing with my friends at the nearby park. during hillclimbing, i fell & scraped my knee quite badly.. well anyways! was on facebook when my house intercom rang.. didn't expect anyone to come or maybe i thought it was my mom that came back for lunch but no it was Mr. Poslaju man! hehehee.. in my mind, "OHH goody2! the cars i ordered have arrived! Very Happy"

    ooo weee!! Very Happy

    hehehee.. cute little box.

    OMG!! =D






  3. i was on my way to eat at KFC near my house when i saw from afar which looks like to be Hot Wheels.. upon closer inspection. guess what? it really was Hot Wheels! it was sold by an independent news stand.. the cars there ranging from 2007-2008 models. this is what i took home with me.. =D

    this TH Ratbomb i found when i was doing grocery shopping..

    all & all good haul eventhough i didn't plan to hunt today. hahaa..

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