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Everything posted by SanLino

  1. or another Death Race movie..
  2. the CTS Wagon can be found in 5-pack. white color..
  3. also what you mean by loose?
  4. which Bluebird 510 you want bro? i have this one extra..
  5. i've been buying at RM7.50 for 1 year plus now. lol..
  6. updated sales.. 2 Scirocco & 1 Apollo sold!
  7. cool! how to get? are you bringing in?
  8. if it's another Spec V maybe it's this years new one. wahh! why China get special ones?
  9. probably cheapest locally even after include shipping! btw, pic is just for reference..
  10. just wondering if anyone is interested in getting this? can PM me for details..
  11. i caught this yesterday too.. xD
  12. what car is that one in white?
  13. hahahaa.. now already on my way getting my degree bro.
  14. wee! mutt bro! welcome back!
  15. woo.. another KK collector! hey bro.. welcome to the club! i'm from KK too..
  16. happy belated birthday to my dearest friend mutt who was the one that brought me to this wonderful community years & years ago back during lyn..
  17. FULAMAKK~! terkeluar biji mataku dari soketnya!
  18. fuhh~ MBX getting seriously accurate with their castings lately.
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