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  1. cool! where you got the info from?
  2. COMING SOON! Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Mercedes SLS AMG Porsche Panamera Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Dodge Charger US Fire Service
  3. ok bro.. you're welcome. enjoy!
  4. yelaa.. senyap2 haul barang cantek. hehee.. good luck in your sale bro!
  5. ne '56 Mercury la.. bkn Mercedes.
  6. cool.. what brand? also ni R/C ke?
  7. hi Uncle Chia.. the stocks i get are from a shop selling here. i'm just helping collectors since SIKU brand not on sale over there at W. Malaysia. i dunno where they get the supplies from..
  8. ANNOUNCEMENT: for those have ordered from me.. will be sending out all parcels on tuesday-wednesday. thx for your purchase(s)!
  9. yeaa.. i also bought from MasterLaoDa. recommended seller!
  10. your customs never cease to amaze. another job well done bro!
  11. nice Bumblebees.. prefer the new ones with the blacked out rims.
  12. i pun ade.. red color. mmg cun.. blue not so appealing to me. hehee..
  13. yeaa.. pilih kasih kot. prefer Dodge over Ford.. hahaa.
  14. @CKH: nice right? @danny: lerr.. Siku xde mustang arr. mostly kete german..
  15. any of you guys might be interested in this one? only 4 available..
  16. SanLino

    Lucky Find

    awesome find! congrats!
  17. MB cantek2 la.. blum smpai kat sni lg. huhuu~
  18. nice.. like Bumblebee stripes.
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