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  1. Username : Impavido Real Name (*optional) : joshua Favorite HW designer : none in particular Age (*optional) : 12 Collecting since : 2003 Favorite castings : Impavido Range of collection : almost anything Other Collections :
  2. got these also, but from S'pore
  3. Impavido

    xmas present

    my xmas present from another collector my dads present
  4. got these with my dad on xmas day... left behind lots of BMW, RX7, S2000, Lambos, Camaro....
  5. Did this with my dad quite awhile ago...
  6. My favourite car! Uncle Sinclair is that a custom Impavido, notice the tampo on the bonnet
  7. Haven't posted in a long time, my dad got me this not long ago TRI BABY TOO Designer: Larry Wood
  8. Here's my collection of Blings! 2004 2005 Dairy Deliver
  9. Impavido

    Roaked from S'pore

    what is daddy's is mine
  10. Impavido

    Roaked from S'pore

    Roaked by my dad's friend in S'pore
  11. Impavido

    Lucky Find

    I was lucky to find this with my Dad last Sunday!
  12. To open or not to open...
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