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  1. Spoiler: This is 2002 350z white This is 2011 370z white This is 2002 BMW Orange Or white Image fr wiki.. so...? Which one u offer bro and which one ur looking
  2. Yo renji san, u still need those kitt... I'm back........ P/s i see Renji San the stuff u lookin is in wave e15 to E19( as far as my hunting data) those r not yet on pegs, except Kitt
  3. Chan reportin.. New wave hits.. Donmo what germ\gem in it Got this only
  4. Any ferrari with shell logo is a perfecto Good 2 bro
  5. New in the family............. and the family r ............
  6. two at the tops and two below come from dif place rite
  7. i'm back from there bro which toy store Paradise ka? ooo did i miss other toy store
  8. If happen to get the white BMW 2012, then our chances is still there p/s If happen to be like red datsun fte, then there no gonna be a light on it
  9. i donno about vintage case but 2 places in langkawi just restore with this wave sorry in case it was not the case u want
  10. patience paidddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd yahoo... if ya notice it a HW like Peter Avatar Even got the Twinduction Green before that actually on wave D37 hahahah.. after sapu the orange twinduction in worse bent carded condition (tot i miss the green vari wave )
  11. ingatkan en RG,dah dpt yg hitam tu............. still, got this 2 baby 2012 carded 2010 Ford Mustang GT '07 Shelby GT-500
  12. can can, but the idea become two... ehhhhh we must appoint someone(newbie) to be the centralise... We want to start with 2011 Carded or 2012. So 1 card for 1 Person rite. By Hand, By Post
  13. peh tak dapat2 yg itam tu bro...... mana plak hilangnya carded 302 Boss Hitam ni? camana En RG dapatke u polo tu
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