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  1. Spoiler: This is 2002 350z white This is 2011 370z white This is 2002 BMW Orange Or white Image fr wiki.. so...? Which one u offer bro and which one ur looking
  2. Yo renji san, u still need those kitt... I'm back........ P/s i see Renji San the stuff u lookin is in wave e15 to E19( as far as my hunting data) those r not yet on pegs, except Kitt
  3. Chan reportin.. New wave hits.. Donmo what germ\gem in it Got this only
  4. Any ferrari with shell logo is a perfecto Good 2 bro
  5. New in the family............. and the family r ............
  6. two at the tops and two below come from dif place rite
  7. i'm back from there bro which toy store Paradise ka? ooo did i miss other toy store
  8. If happen to get the white BMW 2012, then our chances is still there p/s If happen to be like red datsun fte, then there no gonna be a light on it
  9. i donno about vintage case but 2 places in langkawi just restore with this wave sorry in case it was not the case u want
  10. patience paidddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd yahoo... if ya notice it a HW like Peter Avatar Even got the Twinduction Green before that actually on wave D37 hahahah.. after sapu the orange twinduction in worse bent carded condition (tot i miss the green vari wave )
  11. ingatkan en RG,dah dpt yg hitam tu............. still, got this 2 baby 2012 carded 2010 Ford Mustang GT '07 Shelby GT-500
  12. can can, but the idea become two... ehhhhh we must appoint someone(newbie) to be the centralise... We want to start with 2011 Carded or 2012. So 1 card for 1 Person rite. By Hand, By Post
  13. peh tak dapat2 yg itam tu bro...... mana plak hilangnya carded 302 Boss Hitam ni? camana En RG dapatke u polo tu
  14. harus pembetulan , setahu gue, Reventhon tembaga yg menumpang D48 kerna Hitam menumpang sekali porsche biru dan dodge oren, so, bukan sampan yg tu pak
  15. tuan, adakah itu Giant yang tak penah restock..
  16. again encounter a new wave.. i just make a criss cross checkin A box of 36 MBX was been add up with leftover b4.. So I just circle the b4 one leftover.. there u go a Around 30 unit MBX that make it 6 r Gone U hav to figure out which izzit... Fill in the blank
  17. parkson 1U I manage to refresh my memory during First enconter the wave at Giant last time remember, and this new restock at 1 U ..I just Double check with it... P/s 3 hour later, half the gem is gone.. Advice, Buy now Regrat Later some shot from the scene P/s the 5 pack MBX is also new, Got Lot of 4x4..wif tampo
  18. 1 Box Of 36 mbx was restock, eventho i'm late, manage to memorise the patern,.. here r some... Enjoys
  19. Okay Let the Hunt Begin Let other take the superized, thunt The No Tampo One somehow is been writen to be in ya Hand Pic ll Explain everything 1st One 2nd could Be U... P/s ll Update more, just put more poison in here,..spam more Komfrantei', Adios 2011 reference'shttp://www.hwcmalaysia.net/t6556-2011-errorno-tampobest-hwrare
  20. Perfecto la itu Evo wira I Likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Whitey So Toughhhhhhfie Tofufaaaaaaaa Ehh ni TL kan.........
  21. klau german org kuman, rasanya germany tu negara kuman la senang je teka teki nie haiyaa mmmm, i think u got it wrong.. GERMANY... Banyak Kuman daaaaaaaaaa... LOL p/s I'm PM en dominiclim,.. Hunting Till North then
  22. Aiyaaaa i Know I Know GERMAN= Org Kuman P/s No Worry Bro, The Panoz i can put it back.. So GR1, i remember seeing it, just cannot figure out where?.. later Pic Post will help me inform ya
  23. germ or gem bro? even i donno which one is the rite one Spare me the evo sm bro tmrow morning gonna make a circle of 7E and catch ya a panoz p/s which witch?
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