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  1. PM me loose Mini Cooper, Tomica #40 & #50, Tamiya R32 & R34, Carisma Evo VI & 22B STi. do i get a free TH?
  2. lerr.. i was hoping ade phil's orange fb laa.. xpe. good luck in your sales anyway!
  3. kinda fed up already China getting gold in almost every event until you can memorize their national anthem.. =.="
  4. arghhh!! how i wish this was true.. this is just a rendering but it could be in the works? hopefully? maybe? who knows.. i hope so! =D
  5. i actually prefer the exterior of this than the 2.0 GT.
  6. so fast? loon.. if you have somemore TL GT-R Vol. 1 & 2 for sale.. inform me please. also if you can help me get TL120 Lancer EX200 please inform me too. thx!
  7. i think i have Digimon TCG around somewhere..
  8. yeaa.. that's why. now there's like 400+ Pokemon already & there's more coming soon totaling to 600+..
  9. i used to collect Magic the Gathering, Harry Potter & Pokemon TCG during my younger years.. but yesterday i stumbled upon a vid on utube bout a guy that bought 5 boxes of Pokemon booster packs = 180 packs total opening & showing them 1 by 1. then the feeling of buying started again.. =.="
  10. do you know how hard it is to find Obi-Wan using green lightsaber? xD great haul there bro sinclair! congratz! =D
  11. hohohohoo~ the force is strong with this one. *changed avatar*
  12. hehehee.. as the title says. do any of you guys collect them?
  13. loon. PM me R35 Vol. 1 & 2. can buy separate or is it buy both?
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