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  1. wahh.. no one can help me?
  2. for all who collect Jada Toys products! share yours here!
  3. wahh.. cool! just finish winning rally liaoo.. not yet sempat go car wash.. hehee!
  4. yes please! all of the above..
  5. aiyoo~ awal awal already speculate.. hehee.. hopefully ada sambutan..
  6. i 2nded this.. organizing a contest design is a great idea! once everyone has submitted their entries, you can make a poll so that people can vote through there.. the best that is chosen by the voters will be selected as the design for the tee..
  7. are you East Malaysian? hehee.. come visit laa!
  8. SanLino

    Loose car haul

    Metrorail or Metropolitan? Metrorail laa..
  9. i want corvette sandwich & hard-boiled viper.. got or not?
  10. SanLino

    Loose car haul

    nice Metrorail! love the Tiger tampo..
  11. Terms & Conditions. 1. Do not 'flame' or anything similar to another person. 2. Do not quote a person's picture(s). Use the 'Spoiler' tag. East Malaysian Collectors list! (by alphabetical order) from Sabah: 1. heytang 2. kforever 3. sanlino90 4. solid snake from Sarawak: 1. humaizyharmy 2. zint3000
  12. i suggest the T-shirt design falls into Mr. qombee's hand.. hehee! he's the graphic artist & a darn good one too!
  13. WANTED! '05 Ford Mustang GT (4 Stripes Variation - '08 T-Hunt) Amazoom (Green - '08 First Editions) Chevroletor (Light Blue - Designer's Challenge) HW40 (Green - Designer's Challenge) Mitsubishi Double Shotz (Black - Designer's Challenge) ACQUIRED! '65 Volkswagen Fastback ('08 First Editions) Carbonator ('08 First Editions) Drift King ('08 T-Hunt) i'm able to only buy at the moment since i'm not trading anything yet..
  14. for those who collect Maisto Die-casts! come join in!
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