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  1. aiyoo~ aku blum beli lg larr.. tgh plan nak beli. here kyosho expensive like crazy. i just wanna buy the 1 that will poison mr. kurz..
  2. py.. i think sahama was just trying to show me the orange Reventon. so don't be too hard on him.. thx anyways for the pic sahama! next time don't need to show me the close up pic.. i can see it still. ^^ stay on topic ok?
  3. wowoww! i don't have these! congratz!!
  4. i will join this club VERY SOON. >: )
  5. here basics sells for RM7.90. =.="
  6. hehehee.. terus moment of silence ke this thread? xD
  7. @xeifu: dahsyat ke? hahahaa.. @kown: thx broo.. @sahama: x sedahsyat encik py.. hahahaa..
  8. @CKH: hahahaa.. thx bro. you tha man too!! @Speeddemonz: thx man.. @jhc7598: thx hehee.. didn't get anything today. @CHAH: hahahaa ye. sape2 yg nak bgtaw je ekk? @mushr00m: thx bro & thx again on the super fine FB's! @RGSUKAN: no laa bro. for those few days only. hahaa.. dunno la. i didn't find anything yet interesting again so far.. @matchboxclub: hehee thx. go & hunt for it! @KidrauhlM5: yeaa.. it's awesome man. it's in the process being loose. hehehee.. hope you find it mate!
  9. fuhh! walaoo. i hope this wave comes to my place. congratz again py on another $!
  10. yupp! hopefully in continues on to next month.
  11. @sinclair: thx bro.. @sahama: thx.. yeaa.. i've got 8 already. hahaa..
  12. loon baru je post gmbr.. tgk pg. 6.
  13. ohh.. if like that. hehee.. reserve me the BOSS mustang & PM me the price. so i can prepare the funds for next month.
  14. @kurz: hehehee.. yeaa still that many fb. ^^ @sinclair: let's trade! help me find phil's orange fb. @sahama: hahahaa.. xleh tu bro. nti xleh hunt.. hehee. @undercoverbrother: hoii!! *chases UB* hahaa jk.. @kuih_tiow: remember the last time here i said the DK wave kept coming here.. hahahaa. @msclee: bsrnye mata bro.. kekekee~
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