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  1. if Drag Bus, i think because it's the heaviest casting in HWs.. if Samba Bus, i think because of during the hippie days.. if Beetle, it was commissioned by Hitler & ask Ferdinand Porsche to built a all-purpose car during that time.. also popularized by movies such as Herbie - The Love Bug. so naturally, all these icons.. the newer versions also become popular.
  2. thx bro! hahahaa nahh~ i'm still learning like you guys..
  3. all wanted cars there.. good haul! congrats!
  4. thx bro sahama & kuih_tiow! if any of you guys have a blog too please tell me so that i can put in my blog list ok?
  5. guys! my blog is up! please do visit whenever you guys are free.. it may not be much now but updates soon to come! http://theeastsideplaya.blogspot.com/
  6. talking bout figures.. where to buy small small figures of people? any places sell them?
  7. errr.. why is this under disputes? *moved this topic to appropriate section..
  8. wow.. seems like those other series that only available abroad are hitting our markets too. great news although need to stock up on lots and lots and lots of bullet.. hehehee~
  9. happy birthday addrick bro! hope more civics to come ya? hehee.. enjoy your day..
  10. wow.. great looking! now the question is.. taking orders?
  11. those are mine la. hahaa!
  12. ain't that a Plymouth Superbird or Dodge Charger Daytona?
  13. well, some cars nowadays are fitted with bluetooth connection so you can connect your phone with your cars telecomunication system or simply can use handsfree.. so you still can concentrate driving while you talk.
  14. matchbox also wanna use insider help arr.. =="
  15. i think this thread should be in Hot Wheels Only. i'll move it..
  16. heloo mr. xebec.. are you looking for somemore HKS Altezza because your thread is supposed to be at Hot Wheels "Trades" not Sales. i will move it to Trades..
  17. nice hauls mann! congrats!! TH$ Skyline & i like that police tampo on the Dodge Charger..
  18. what's the condition on that 360 Challenge Stradale? like got paint chip.
  19. PM me Nissan Z (mystery) & New Beetle Cup (mystery) & loose DD (silver).
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