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  1. hello lama tak nampak just wanna share this awesome K&N team!
  2. wah..didnt know all these happened..now we know those cars stolen from tesco, C4 giant etc are really "old kids" doings! damn it man..maybe next time need more committees so we have some ppl to look after the tables.. btw congrats to tunnelrat and peggyspy!
  3. ahahaha thanks for yesterday..sampai2 dinner 1st thing was jumpa Mr.Eighto!
  4. guys i'll pinjam some of your pics and vids for my blog ok~ thanksss~
  5. awesome pics and vids! great work! love the bid video!
  6. i wanna thank the person who ffk the lucky draw prize; Target's 20-pack my best lucky draw ever won
  7. baru nampak >_> harap2 time dinner still have extra like last time
  8. oh mann club cars are getting more exclusive and awesome each year great job to our customizers!! Love u guys!
  9. wowww looks like the 1:43!! really cool! pakai casting apa? Realtoy kah?
  10. last time went penang their 7E still got many stocks..nice ones too..heheh
  11. hehe chan..i think wildspirit highlighting it for different reason lah
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