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  1. ADVedder wrote:
    yea sanlino! post somepicture then only i show the takata dome!

    aiyoo~ aku blum beli lg larr.. tgh plan nak beli. here kyosho expensive like crazy. i just wanna buy the 1 that will poison mr. kurz.. Razz

  2. @CKH: hahahaa.. thx bro. you tha man too!!
    @Speeddemonz: thx man.. Smile
    @jhc7598: thx hehee.. didn't get anything today.
    @CHAH: hahahaa ye. sape2 yg nak bgtaw je ekk? Wink
    @mushr00m: thx bro & thx again on the super fine FB's! Very Happy
    @RGSUKAN: no laa bro. for those few days only. hahaa.. dunno la. i didn't find anything yet interesting again so far..
    @matchboxclub: hehee thx. go & hunt for it! Smile
    @KidrauhlM5: yeaa.. it's awesome man. it's in the process being loose. hehehee.. hope you find it mate!

  3. @kurz: hehehee.. yeaa still that many fb. ^^
    @sinclair: let's trade! help me find phil's orange fb. Smile
    @sahama: hahahaa.. xleh tu bro. nti xleh hunt.. hehee.
    @undercoverbrother: hoii!! *chases UB* hahaa jk..
    @kuih_tiow: remember the last time here i said the DK wave kept coming here.. hahahaa.
    @msclee: bsrnye mata bro.. kekekee~

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