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  1. Item(s): Hotwheels T-Hunt Bone Shaker & Classic Packard Package includes: Carded HW Thunt Price: Offer me Dealing method: Preferably COD Location: KL/PJ/Subang/Serdang/Bangi Contact method/details: Call/SMS me 012-6938351 --- Item(s) conditions: Good 99% Picture: Below Reason for sale: Extra item This HW came from Ireland. not malaysia stock. refer picture for details
  2. wow canyon carver got cooler tempo... wish i can get 1.. btw, next week i'm going to move to bangi from terengganu... so can start hauling actively
  3. wah everyday also hauling. im jeles mehhh
  4. haha thanx 4 the comments nobody wanna sell me their $uper eh?
  5. Today my fren invite me go lepak2 at kota bharu. i take this chance to do some haul. and it's worth it. i got my 2nd TH. its Qombee but i still jeles of other hauler @ HWCM. they got $uper Qombee, which is very nice. hohoho. anyone wanna sell their $uper pls PM me
  6. I don't get what you means bro, do you means you also got TH Qombee?? yup. that's rite. TH Qombee. my 2nd Thunt. i sooooo happy sadly, i still cant find any $uper
  7. oh my eyes.... *searching for one's office address* lol
  8. paskal

    13/4 Small haul

    i just score a regular qombee today great haul btw
  9. wahhh nice haul mehh i also got my 2nd thunt today. qombee. i liek i liek
  10. oh lord... greenies! i want i want
  11. paskal

    My 1st Thunt :D

    thx 2 all 4 the praise i'll hunt harder next time
  12. oit Qombee mane dpt haa? senyap2 je ek? lol
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