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  1. Like i said the 2nd oil can is indeed BLUE and gold rim, so highly likely can be that oil can. Possibility is there but only reason i can't fully confirm is because i don't have that oil can in hand to check, cause tiny difference can make them different series altogether. Just take the same but mainline version for example, i can find 3 batmobile same black color same wheel yet all 3 of them from different series. So if somehow that batmobile you have varies slightly from the oil can then yeah, it could be some upcoming series unheard of.. Alright, i get what you means,thanks bro.
  2. Thank you for the info, i think you are right, this BM is from 100% series. But i search through ebay.com and google, never show up this color, only got the full mat black version. May be this is the Error or rejected item? Ya, i knew there is something missing, the driving seat cover, right?
  3. Coming out from Oil Can?? What this means???
  4. You need this? Emmmmm......the price is not really that cheap, how much can you guess? emmmm....pm me...hehehe Still can't tell bro,because i still don't know how many pieces i can get, i order more then 10 pieces, in the end may be 5 pieces only. So i have to wait for the stock arrive then only know how much it will cost. By the way,do you have any idea about this Batmobile? Is it Prototype??
  5. You need this? Emmmmm......the price is not really that cheap, how much can you guess?
  6. Ha ha ha! Ya,long time didn't login,since after my birthday. Do you have any idea about this Batmobile? Actually they are still not yet in my hand, still on the way.
  7. I manage to get this Batmobile, but i have no idea which series it's come from, do any one know this Batmobile is from which series??
  8. thanks to all wishes, sorry for "invisible "for quite some times.
  9. It's from the bay la. Even then, darn hard to find and not always listed. Been searching for a long time... Wow,seem like you also a eBay kuat kaki ah! ha ha ha! good score lah!
  10. Another $uper, seem alot of members score $uper, why don't me???? Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..................................... Any where,congrats on your haul bro.
  11. Walau, damn good luck lah you,congrats on your super haul...
  12. Fulamak, $uper TH plus 2010 TH and 2010 new Models, super haul man!
  13. Wow,you already got those 2010 models, so fast man, congrats!
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